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Women's secrets: prepare your skin for winter

Женские секреты: готовим кожу лица к зиме

Preparing for the cold weather, you should start now - and in particular this applies to daily care of the skin. Upcoming frosts, sudden changes in temperature and penetrating wind should not surprise you. In winter, the skin requires special care. Photo: It is generally accepted that summer is the most unfavorable period, when the sun beats down mercilessly and threatens us photoaging, but winter is no less a serious test for the skin

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How to use special course products?

Как использовать специальные курсовые продукты?

Fall in system of skin care return effective exchange products. All that we have "worked up" for the three summer months of fine lines, age spots, dehydration and other troubles will be subjected to massive cosmetic attack. WomanHit talks about how to choose and apply ultraintense serums, scrubs and masks. Autumn is the time to start to use exchange funds to individuals. Photo: Fotolia/

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Alika Smekhova: "My advice at all times - a smile"

Алика Смехова: «Мой совет на все времена — улыбайтесь»

Alika Smekhova is a true professional not only in his business but also in women's tricks. A brilliant actress and a happy mother of two boys convinced that charming smile, good mood and healthy skin are the main instruments of female beauty. The artist shared with WomanHit simple ways that will help you always stay happy and attractive. Alika Smekhova. photo: Lily Karlowska Drink less alcohol.Alika Smekhova: "Everyone knows that alcohol consumption has a negative impact on health

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The CEREC system: all at once

Система CEREC: все и сразу

A beautiful smile is not only the skill and experience of a specialist, it is also precious time, which for many is cost prohibitive. About unique CEREC system for production of all-ceramic restorations in one visit tells the chief doctor of the clinic "the LANCET" Dmitry Lancet. "Beautiful teeth are healthy teeth. Our goal is highly aesthetic and durable restoration". Photo: materials of press-services. - Dmitry gershevich, "to make a crown in one visit" sounds so fantastic..

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Dana Borisova: "I am definitely going to make facial expressions"

Дана Борисова: «Я обязательно буду делать пластику лица»

TV presenter admitted to fans that he plans until the last "fight for your appearance, but under the knife again will fall no earlier than 50 years. Dana Borisova. Photo: After a radical change of image, weight loss and breast augmentation, the capital gossips began to ascribe anchorwoman Dana Borisov and other plastic surgery. Given endured gossip, but nerves snapped and the girl spoke

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Back to the future: choose tools anti-age

Назад в будущее: выбираем средства anti-age

The use of anti-ageing is as investments in the future. The more efficient and higher quality care for face, neck and décolleté, the stronger will be different, your reflection in the mirror from the actual passport data. After all, age is primarily a state of mind, love and grooming. Select tools anti-age. 1. The lifting cream for the neck and décolleté from Dr Pierre Ricaud. Specially designed to care for the vulnerable area, neck and décolleté

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Choose the correct night treatment

Выбираем правильный ночной уход

For eight hours, as we sleep, our skin live a whole little life. And well-chosen tools will help to maintain their youth. Correct night treatment will help the skin to recover during sleep. Photo: During the day our skin is exposed to a large number of internal and external stresses (sun, cold, dryness, wind, pollution, nervous overload, unhealthy lifestyle), which leads to deterioration of the functioning of the cells of the dermis and epidermis

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How to return the youth: all about the new methods of beauty

Как вернуть молодость: все о новых методах красоты

Today's technology does allow you to return the youth. Photo: Trend No. 1. Without a scalpelAt the end of 90th years we have seen a boom in plastic surgery, this was especially noticeable on "dragged" to the faces of celebrities, flashing in the secular chronicle. Since not much time. And what do we see? Sorokatrekhletnej Julia Roberts appeared closeup in another melodrama, looks as young and attractive as in "Eleven oceans, the movie 2001. Computer effects? And here and there

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Megan Fox prefers "predatory" eye makeup

Меган Фокс предпочитает «хищный» макияж глаз

Even trying to get away from the image of the fatal beauty, the actress may not refuse smokey-eyes. Megan Fox. Photo: Rex Features/ Actress Megan Fox once again appeared in front of the fans in the role of beauty, constantly getting into trouble. The star turned into the legendary journalist April O'neil, the heroine of the comic about teenage mutant ninja turtles. So what if someone adaptation may seem very teenage

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Saving moisture: new moisturizers

Спасительная влага: новинки увлажняющих средств

It is no secret that the sun dries the skin. If on vacation you have used creams with superior high degree of protection, on returning home does not hurt to make the course moisturising treatments and buy an effective cream for recovery

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