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Personal experience: thread lifting

Личный опыт: нитевой лифтинг

The best recommendation is a glowing review of a professional. Doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist Elena Radion told, the effect of which procedure is inspired her so much that she decided to do it himself

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Master class: public arrows and smoky eyes

Мастер-класс: праздничные стрелки и smoky eyes

In most magical night of the year we want to go beyond the usual. Our main weapon becomes the right makeup with correctly placed accents. Leading artists teach us to create spectacular holiday images, which are all familiar arrow classical variant of smoky eyes

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Master class: getting rid of double chin

Мастер-класс: избавляемся от второго подбородка

Even a very beautiful by nature a woman can spoil such annoying thing as a second chin. Alas, the reason for its appearance is banal - a sedentary lifestyle. Regular physical training under the guidance of an experienced personal trainer to help get rid of the imperfections. Eugene Mazur offers a powerful set of exercises

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Seasonal need - lip balms

Сезонная необходимость — бальзамы для губ

The secret of the Sizzling sexual lips is not in active use bright lipstick and contour pencil. None glamorous makeup will not look perfectly «untreated soil». And this means it's time to eliminate the consequences of the coming autumn. Choose the most effective means care for the delicate skin of the lips

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Give your eyes exquisite beauty ritual

Подарите своим глазам изысканный ритуал красоты

An ideal treatment care is a successful combination of aesthetic pleasure and visible impact. After all, if a long time to enjoy and let effective cosmetics, but placed in a simple «medicinal» jars, soul asks for luxury. And Vice versa: if your funds are enclosed in a chic bottles, but it does not work, the good of this beauty is zero. Rarely producers unable to fully combine the impressive design of packing, active formula and the beauty of the ritual itself

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