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Fragrant world: best of beauty tools with a vibrant perfume compositions

Ароматный мир: лучшие бьюти-средства с яркими парфюмерными композициями

Elegant smell can not only favorite perfume, but also cream, deodorant, mousse for body and facial masksYoung but already beloved by many brand Frudia in their vehicles instead of water uses fruit extracts, cold pressed. As a result, their creams, masks and balms are more like desserts — smoothies, sorbets or jams. And, of course, each of the funds has a pronounced flavor

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Football beauty-passion

Футбольные бьюти-страсти collected the best news for the world CupFootball euphoria captured all — children and adults, boys and girls, businessmen and singers. Known boxed Royal service Samples also could not stay aside and released a limited edition men's cosmetic for real Champions.Photo: materials of press-servicesDesigner boxes Royal Samples is a collection of the best cosmetic innovations medium price range and luxury premium

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The smile on the guard of your youth

Улыбка на страже вашей молодости

Dentist Olesya Kaganova talks about ways to make teeth white and beautiful"A man is as old as he looks." In part, this popular expression is true. It is much nicer to discover that the other person looks much younger than that indicated in the passport numbers, rather than Vice versa.An important component of appearance is the condition of the teeth. Their species is able how to add age in the eyes of the interlocutor, and much smaller

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Beautiful business: how to make money in the beauty field

Maria Nordin, head of network studios cosmetic bleaching, — that well-groomed appearance are demanded at all timesFranchise in the beauty business — a reliable way for women to start their own business. Moreover, in recent times this industry has gained especially high popularity that even those who have never faced such a sphere, the correct approach would be to have a hundred percent success. Since the fashion for beauty and a healthy lifestyle at the moment is only growing

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Toothpaste from the future, your confidence and brush is a movie star

Зубная паста из будущего, уверенность в себе и щетка-кинозвезда gathered the best products for hygiene of an oral cavityOn proper brushing we are told it seems, from early childhood, everywhere — at home, in kindergarten and then in school. And still at some point we are faced with the fact that going to the dentist is inevitable. Probably each of us who were waiting for their turn at the dentist, dreamed about a magical pasta that would act like a seal. Now, the good news: these pastes already exist

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Taste and color: make a homemade mask for the face

На вкус и цвет: делаем домашние маски для лица

As you know, berries contain large amounts of vitamins. So in the summer very well include berries not only in your diet, but use in cosmetic purposesFacial masks can be made from any fruit, except for fruits with purple, blue and black color. Interestingly, berry mask is suitable for all skin types, the main thing, correctly to pick up additional ingredients. After the application of such masks wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes lighter, there is elasticity

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How to get rid of double chin

Как избавиться от двойного подбородка

This deficiency in the form of fat and skin folds under the edge of the lower jaw can appear suddenly. How to remove told doctor of higher category, dermatologist and cosmetologist Svetlana BolsonWhy am I getting a double chin?If you think that chin grows just because someone eats too much, then you are wrong. There are several reasons for such changes.Genetics. People are born with the tendency to the formation of double chin

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Lazy makeup all the rules

Ленивый макияж по всем правилам

Step-by-step master class specifically for from the stylist, the founder of the women's beauty club Oksana BiletskayaNot all women get to do the right makeup that would look aesthetically pleasing on the face, concealing skin imperfections, and also would discomfort and do not create the feeling of the mask.Intelligently to highlight the beauty and hide the flaws, will help the basic rules of lazy makeup, which I will tell you now

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Anti-aging thread: pros and cons

Cosmetologist Alexandra Gaunt said at what age should think about nitiom liftingA rejuvenating filament is an innovative procedure that allows you to quickly and simply solve the problems of age-related changes of the skin. Its essence lies in the fact that in the tissues of the face are introduced subtle cosmetic threads that form the new framework for the growth of collagen, thereby achieving the effect of lifting

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Color harmony: best lipsticks and balms

Губная гармония: лучшие помады и бальзамы gathered beauty innovations that will help to highlight your lipsSudovye lipstick in trend for several seasons. Why a nude lipstick should be in your purse and, of course, on the lips. But here the main thing — to choose the "correct" shade that is flattering to your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, it is best to choose pinkish colors. Owner olive skin can opt for beige and peach tones. If your face is already touched by the sun, note the dark color

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