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Hide a bruise with makeup

A few simple steps will help mask imperfectionsYou are going to an important meeting. Everything should be perfect — the dress, shoes, makeup. But suddenly I notice that the last procedure in the beauty salon left on your face a noticeable bruise. Nothing, through it are many. Just take advantage of our tips to know how to hide it with makeup.To begin, prepare the skin and apply day cream. Then use the primer

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Saving the skin from frost

Спасаем кожу лица от морозов

Very little is left before the onset of permanent cold weather. Many from that time until the spring will suffer from chapping of the skin. learned how to deal with itThe winter is the constant change of temperatures, wind, snow, frost and heated space in which very dry air. And all of these factors have a negative impact on the skin. Most affected skin on the hands, face and lips

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Treatment of caries in dentistry

Лечение кариеса зубов в стоматологии

Gone are the days when tooth decay was treated by brute drills and anaesthetic drugs were used, is unable efficiently to anesthetize the patient.Today, the treatment is absolutely painless, the restored teeth look aesthetically pleasing, and the materials are of high durability. However, not all visit the dentist twice a year is recommended for timely detection of signs of decay.For those who have not yet got rid of the fear of the dental chair, there is a nice and useful piece of information

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With a male focus

С мужским акцентом chose the best beauty tools for a strong halfShower gel "For sensitive skin" NIVEA MENPhoto: materials of press-servicesA recent survey of a strong half of mankind gave the following results: it turns out that almost half of Russian men expect from shower gel a refreshing effect. And at the same time, a third of them are holders of sensitive skin on the body

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Irina Dubtsova lose weight in a scientific way

Ирина Дубцова худеет научным способом

The singer told about extra pounds, beauty shots and breast augmentationAfter pregnancy I became very prone to edema. Went to many doctors, and only two people had to my body is a neurologist and a psychologist. They in one voice said that I better nerves. The extra weight is a kind of psychological armor that helps me cope with life's UPS and downs. Once I realized that, somehow, began to lose weight. And controlling weight became much easier.I eat according to a special system

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Three of the best: which mask to choose this fall

Тройка лучших: какую маску выбрать этой осенью has tested and recommends the best beauty tools that will complement your daily home careFoam mask with white clay series Micro clay from the Korean brand VPROVEPhoto: materials of press-servicesLove for Korean cosmetics admitted, it seems, literally all bucholic. Brand VPROVE, though new to the market but already has its bestsellers. Foam mask with white clay — just one of them

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Time younger: making a peeling at home

Время молодеть: делаем пилинг дома recognized expert in how to spend one of the most effective processes to update the skin yourselfLemon peel for combination to oily skinIngredients: 1 tbsp. l. honey, 200 ml natural low-fat yogurt, ½ lemon, 1 egg white.Method of preparation: heat honey in a water bath to a liquid state, mix with yogurt and lemon juice. Protein separately vzbit in foam and combine with the remaining ingredients. Mix well. Peeling hold for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water, then apply moisturizer

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Principal "wrinkles of horror stories": how not to buy and keep

Основные виды «морщин-страшилок»: как не приобрести и избавиться

Expert chief physician of the clinic, dermatologist Sona kocharov — "goose paws", a sad mouth and the "rings of Venus"Time flies and spares no one, and in a metropolis we would have to run stress, bad ecology, lack of sleep, fast weight loss — all this is reflected first and foremost on our face. With little care, wrong diet, slowing metabolic processes wrinkles. Today we will discuss the main types of "wrinkle-horror stories"

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To stop hair loss, giving Shine to your face and learn how to remove makeup

Остановить выпадение волос, придать сияние лицу и научиться правильно удалять макияж is the best beauty innovationsLine of hair care DERCOS DENSI-SOLUTIONS from VICHYPhoto: materials of press-servicesThe latest surveys confirmed that, in fact, each of us, alas, knows from personal experience. Our hair will eventually become thinner, and well, somehow obscenely reduced. Yes, and the scalp suddenly became visible between the roots of the hair (well, not horror?)

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Spotted patterns: we remove from the face of the consequences of the hot summer — freckles and age spots

Пятнистые узоры: убираем с лица последствия жаркого лета — веснушки и пигментные пятна

It October is the perfect time to return the skin a smooth tone and radianceIndian summer has flown by and the autumn came. The sun is getting smaller, and more rain, without raincoat you don't already get out of the house, and the umbrella is firmly prescribed in the bag. But before you faint, October is ideal in order to remove consequences experienced during the summer months of stress, restore skin radiance and even tone to get rid of freckles and age spots. Figure out how to do it

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