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Fashion veneers: pros and cons

Мода на виниры: все за и против

Expert the General dentist Tigran Grigoryan, tells who they are shown and what is better to chooseToday, veneers are one of the most talked about dental topics. What are veneers? These are plates that are placed on the outside of the tooth and solve many aesthetic problems. With their help you can change the color and shape of teeth to correct the bite. Veneers help as soon as possible to make the smile beautiful and spectacular, and the teeth perfect

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How to create perfect eyebrows

Как создать идеальные брови

Valeriya Barchenko, head of the medical center, trendsetter and aesthetics Permanent Make-up in Russia and Europe, talks about all the existing methods, their pros and consEyebrows — the calling card of our face, the expression of which depends on their shape, bending and thickness

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To be like Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham: 5 myths about the removal of lumps bisha

Быть как Анджелина Джоли и Виктория Бекхэм: 5 мифов об удалении комков Биша

A renowned plastic surgeon, specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery Alexander Vdovin talks about the most popular operationsToday surgery to remove lumps Bichat is one of the most popular. At the time of visectomy resorted to stars such as Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Kate Winslet, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and many others. The operation helped them to find outlined oval face, beautiful pronounced cheek bones

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Dark lips, unusual painted eyebrows and styling with a middle part

Темные губы, необычно окрашенные брови и укладки с прямым пробором exploring beauty trends of the coming autumnDuring the audit in the purses and on the dressing table officially came. Inspired by beauty-inventory is easy — look at the images offered us by the makeup artists from the past fashion weeks.Coffee with milkBrown and Burgundy lipstick every fall unfailingly return to beauticians make-up artists. It is a noble color goes almost all, you only need to choose the right shade

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Dessert for the skin, splash mask and a Japanese surprise

Десерты для кожи, сплэш-маска и японский сюрприз met autumn beauty novelties and is ready to provide reportTogether warmerAutumn came at last. And with it rain and sleet, when I want to wrap myself in a warm blanket, turn on your favorite romance and see it for the hundredth time, with tears hot tea and eating a favorite dessert. Or to gain a full bath of warm water, throw a pinch of aromatic salt and hide for a while from depression and the October dusk

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If you called the road: take care of your teeth in difficult field conditions

Если вас позвала дорога: ухаживаем за зубами в сложных походных условиях

Practicing dentist (General practitioner, orthopedic surgeon), international trainer for the production of ceramic restorations in 3D, the author of individual education programs for dentists Stas Belous said how to avoid sudden dental problems in long journeys and tripsPrevention of dental diseases is, in essence, permanent measures need to be taken to every person, seeking to maintain their teeth in order

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Look younger in one day: everything you need to know about nitiom lifting

Cosmetologist Anna Agranovich (Ponomarev) said about the pros and cons of this method of rejuvenationLifting belongs to the category of minimally invasive methods of rejuvenation. This name suggests that the procedures that belong to this category do not require strong intervention in the body, such as surgical operations, characterized by a relatively small recovery period, but the effective result

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Perfect purity, cleansing, transforming your skin

Идеальная чистота: средства для очищения, которые преобразят вашу кожу gathered beauty hits for those who prefer the best of everythingGel for deep cleansing CHOLLEY CLEANSING DERMPURE GEL from Cholley (Switzerland)Photo: materials of press-servicesLiterally all products of this Swiss brand loved by butyricum and cosmetologists. Serious investments in research and development and clinical trials, the joint work of doctors dermatocosmetologists and biochemists allowed to set completely new standards of performance anti-aging therapy

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Time to change the skin of peels

Время сменить кожу: все о пилингах

Experts say that autumn is the perfect season for treatments that will help to make the skin more fresh, smooth and youngAutumn is considered a good time for peels because of lower solar activity. Because the skin after peeling is very sensitive to ultraviolet light. The benefit of this season is that if you spent the summer with the use of: rest, as they say, "stocked" health and recovery, the skin will be more quick and pronounced. In hot, Sunny time of year skin, alas, is aging faster

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Rules of etiquette: exploring creams and powders

Правила хорошего тона: изучаем тональные кремы и пудры tested a few beauty products and is ready to provide reportBB cream "the Secret of Perfection" from AvonPhoto: materials of press-servicesTwo cherished letters BB, behind which hides Blemish Balm (balm from imperfection) has long been loved by many of us. Because such funds provide the effective comprehensive care that protects and smooths the skin

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