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Shining face: mission accomplished

To look younger and fresher is possible thanks to a few simple techniquesGood complexion has always been valued in society. Women with smooth healthy skin color, no rash, always considered pretty and buxom. But with the pace of modern life in the persons of the fair sex arise the dark shadows from lack of sleep, pimples from not very useful snacking.Significantly improve the condition of your face will help a little trick. If you use for wiping face, not Terry towels and disposable paper

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Veneers: myths, reality and contraindications

Виниры: мифы, реальность и противопоказания find out all there is to do Hollywood smileWhite smiles of stars many cause jealousy and modern technology allows fans of all perfect to make the teeth downright dazzling. The veneers of exotic has become a familiar procedure. However, the desire to be like the idol of many people forget about the fact that Hollywood smile is recommended is not all. consulted with a specialist

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Children's hour: gathered the best beauty products for your heirs

Детский час: собрал лучшие бьюти-средства для ваших наследников

Tell you what to choose toothbrushes, shampoos and sun protectionUniversal family complete with a baby brush in a fun design "Mickey mouse" and the latest development of the engineers Oral-B brush Oral-B GENIUSEveryone knows how difficult it is sometimes to make brushing your child's teeth. There is a solution: Oral-B Stages Power — the German development in the field of health care of children's teeth

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Replacement plastic: facial gymnastics

If you do these exercises every day, you can easily wipe the traces of timeGasforming — facial gymnastics is gaining more popularity in the world. The main thing is to practice regularly, and then the result will not keep itself waiting.Exercise 1. Sit up straight, lift your head, pull it up, trying to "push off" from the shoulders. Chin this "retract" in itself

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Beauty secrets sultry Italians

Секреты красоты знойных итальянок

Tanned with firm, elastic skin and a radiant complexion, Italians are unable not to cause envyImportant role in maintaining the beauty of Italian women play in natural products for skin care and hair. Women from Italy would rather prefer organic hair oil than a balm filled with petroleum products. Thus they are really good condition of the hair and skin, and not a short-term decorative effect

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Protection from the sun, "star" cream and unique masks

Защита от солнца, «звездный» крем и уникальные маски have collected the best beauty innovationsSunny summer campaign, La Roche-PosayPhoto: materials of press-servicesWell, summer finally came into its own. And it's time to think about how important it is to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation — even if you remained in the city. Brand La Roche-Posay this year for the first time in Russia presented a unique gadget, UV sticker, which teaches proper behavior in the sun. Search for all pharmacies in the city

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Plump lips: what to inject, not to chop

Lip augmentation seems fine, but requires a responsible approachTo increase sponge is necessary in medical institutions, for example, in the clinic of aesthetic medicine. There are specialists with higher medical education, while at the beauty salon, their services can offer self-taught.If you are going to enhance the lips for the first time or will to do injections at the doctor unfamiliar, do not agree to enter in lip non-absorbable compounds

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You sure know how to use a beauty blender

А вы уверены, что правильно пользуетесь бьюти-блендером

Convenient miniature sponge in the form of droplets is actually quite naughtyExcellent uniform coverage of the Foundation can only be achieved properly using the beauty blender. As it is right, knows a little woman, because the instructions for this brand new beauty is often written in a foreign language.So, beauty blender must be moist. Using a dry sponge will cause "baldness" tone, and can dramatically increase the consumption of cosmetics

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Reclaimed contouring

Contouring is new contouring. Just looks more natural and lasts longer on the faceThe contouring has long ceased to be a beauty trend. This is understandable, because every day it is no too long, and to walk with a heavy makeup is not very comfortable.However, for many women of contouring remained true way to hide the chubby cheeks or double chin. Thanks to the dark matte powders these of the face look smaller.Fortunately, make the face a more harmonious and easier way

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