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Get rid of yellow in dyed hair

Избавляемся от желтизны окрашенных волос

Often I want to change the image, but not always radical changes that make us better. will tell you how to get beautiful blondeGentlemen prefer blondes, but not "chicken". Agree, the yellow blonde is just awful, especially if hair is in poor condition.The problem when I want to get a light tone, but it turned out what came out, i.e. the yellow face is usually the girls who decide to radically change a way, for example, repainted from natural brunette from bright blonde

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Save time: 5 hairstyles that can be done quickly

Экономим время: 5 причесок, которые можно сделать быстро

Stylists advise not to leave home without styling. offers some unusual options, which favorably complement the image"Separate the hair into three parts and weave braid, collect hair into a high ponytail and wrap the elastic lock" — these banal hairstyle is familiar to all from childhood. Proposed to depart from the usual options and to give yourself the will to experiment

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To grow hair healthy and long: how to stop hair loss

Beautiful hair is the wealth of any girl. But sometimes they start to "leave" our head. will tell you how to deal with this problemThis, frankly, terribly unpleasant this problem can overtake a man and a woman. And if men hair loss is not critical, but the woman begins to panic, which is quite natural.As you know, the day we lose about a hundred hairs, which is normal. However, quite often the hair "climb" with terrible force, and there is need to take some action

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5 life hacks to hide dirty hair

5 лайфхаков, чтобы скрыть грязные волосы shares the secrets of how to look good if you do not have time to wash the headProbably, every girl has had an experience where she was going and in a hurry, quickly looking in the mirror and saw that the hair does not look fresh. If you don't have time to wash the head there is no use our tips:Dry shampooSimple and effective cosmetic that will help for 2-3 minutes to get your hair fine, dry hair. Among the ingredients is talc, which absorb exudates from the roots of the hair

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The head is in order: the restoration, care and styling

С головой в порядке: восстановление, уход и укладка collection of the most interesting and essential beauty of new items to care for your curlsIn winter due to the constant wearing of hats, changes in temperature, cold, snow and wind the hair very quickly lose its "marketability" and become weak, thin and lifeless. As SOS-means perfect ampoules Pantene Pro-V 1 Minute Miracle

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How to cut hair: revealing the secrets of the masters

Как правильно стричь волосы: раскрываем секреты мастеров

Girls often do not follow the rules of the haircuts that will help make the hair healthy and shiny, and will begin to grow fasterGirls are prone to frequent change — you want to try all shades, types of haircuts and length of hair. Moreover, the decision to haircut can come to him in a minute, especially if they have bad mood. However, the hair is by nature very capricious, they are influenced by not only the environment and the power of their owner, but the haircut, including

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Biowave: pros and cons

Биозавивка: плюсы и минусы

Always wanted curly hair, but nature decided otherwise? Not a problem tell you about all the advantage and disadvantages of the procedures for creating curlsThe eternal problem of any girl — what to do with your hair? If they are by nature direct, we want to make it curly, and kinky beauties do not part with a hair straightener.The first comes biowave. The procedure is relatively new, it replaced the ordinary chemical Perm that made the hair stringy

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How to choose the right shampoo

Как правильно выбирать шампунь

The basis of hair care — proper cleansing. We'll tell you which components are safe for your health and makes hair strong and shinyMany girls in the beauty shops with special attention to studying the compositions of balms and hair masks, serums and sprays. It is widely believed that shampoo is just detergent that makes no sense to spend money. However, this is not the case: the shampoo not only cleanses hair, but also fills in the structure of the hair, preparing to spray treatments

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Trendy hairstyles spring-summer 2019

Трендовые прически сезона весна-лето 2019

In the new year, I want to change not only clothing, but also to bring order to the head. tell how we have to make it soonIt's been a few Weeks, we have to advise those who have not yet decided on the choice of a new hairstyle.Careless waveProbably the most popular laying season. Most importantly, it is very easy to do. It looks incredibly natural, as if you just came out of the ocean

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The Guinness world records: 5 girls with the long hair

Рекорды Гиннесса: 5 девушек с самыми длинными волосами talk about the owners of a luxurious head of hairLong lustrous hair is considered to be synonymous with good health girls. Every year manufacturers of means on care of hair, launch a massive PR campaign to increase sales and strengthen in the minds of women the idea that each need a full head of hair. However, the average length of women's hair — about 50-80 cm, However, some girls manage to grow a record-breaking long hair

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