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Like clockwork: what you wanted to know about proper hair care - health & Beauty -

Как по маслу: то, что хотели знать о правильном уходе за волосами - Красота и здоровье -

Lately, virtually every cosmetic brand has got oils for hair (or at least means their contents). understands where this trend is and whether the oil is so miraculous act on our curlsJulia Амелина19 April 2019 16:26400What hair oil are the most useful?Photo: fashion for hair oil came to us from the East. Even in ancient times Eastern beauty Persia rubbed into the hair roots oil of seeds of mustard

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Procedures that will "kill" the hair - health and Beauty -

Процедуры, которые «убьют» волосы - Красота и здоровье -

Not all salon treatments revitalizes hairKsenia Парфенова19 April 2019 09:59670Not all masters to be honest about posledstviyami: pixabay.comThe main advice given by professional stylists, is to choose a honest master. Your hairdresser needs to understand the hair structure and offer only those treatments which suit you. Otherwise, instead of beautiful shiny hair that you see on my head is dry, lifeless hair. Tell which treatments should be treated with caution

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Signs that your hair needs help - health & Beauty -

Признаки, что вашим волосам нужна помощь - Красота и здоровье -

What most strongly attracted to men in appearance? Correctly, your hair. However, sometimes the body fails. But tell me how to deal with possible problemsMaria Блавацкая8 APR 2019 08:405730why spoil folosite: life can sometimes be so exhausting that we just don't have time to pay attention to your body. In this case we are talking about hair that can serve us signs that something is wrong

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The hair shades which make us younger - health & Beauty -

Оттенки волос, которые делают нас моложе - Красота и здоровье -

It is not necessary to do serious treatments at the beautician in the pursuit of youth, you can get the fashionable colour which will advise you WomanHit.ruMaria Блавацкая1 APR 2019 08:48561331what shade will wear this godovoe: refresh the image and in General to emphasize the fact that you are a woman who follows the trends and keeps up with the times, just change the color of the hair

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Effective treatments for healthy hair - health and Beauty -

Эффективные процедуры для здоровья волос - Красота и здоровье - tell me what to do in the salon to transform hairKsenia Парфенова5 April 2019 09:3322150beautiful hair - the pride of geninatti: pixabay.comIn 2017 reputable news site Daily Mail Reporter conducted a survey of 3 thousand men to find out whether they like long hair or is it a myth. About 70% of respondents said that they would like to see a companion with great hair — 43% of them preferred long and curly hair, 13% — long straight, a little less like hair of medium length

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Perfection: select a haircut after 40 Beauty and health

Само совершенство: подбираем стрижку после 40 - Красота и здоровье -

In every age the fair sex want to change and look even better than before. However, in adult women has its own peculiarities that you should consider going to the salon. will tell you what to pay attentionMaria Блавацкая28 Feb 2019 12:56399140adults women own characteristics that must be considered in the selection of strikeface: 40 years the woman is fully revealed: she knows exactly what she wants and how to emphasize all your accomplishments

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What habits do hair - Beauty and health

Какие привычки делают волосы ломкими - Красота и здоровье -

You probably recognize yourself at least one paragraphKsenia Парфенова26 March 2019 16:3023911simple tips will help to strengthen folosite: pixabay.comFor hair care we used to use shampoos with good composition, nourishing masks and hydrating sprays. Regular haircuts have become routine, and love for natural hair color, it seems, has already decided to absorb mother's milk. However, hair breakage is not going anywhere, anyway

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Hats off: saving the hair in the spring

Шапки долой: спасаем волосы весной

After a winter many curls look doesn't matter. Hair can tell a lot about a person. find out what you need to do to the hair "said" only the goodIn the spring specialists comes a lot of patients with complaints of hair loss, thinning, loss of quality of hair and dandruff. Such problems are considered seasonal and natural. And due to hormonal changes, weather changes, lack of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the summer many people try to lose weight and sit on strict diets

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5 stylish haircuts for spring learned from experts in hair, to suit trendy haircutsWith the arrival of spring every girl is trying to be transformed — some were changing, others pay more attention to sports and nutrition. However, the simplest method of transformation is literally on the surface — go to a stylist and get a haircut. A sea of compliments guaranteed. Will suggest some interesting options for the haircuts and will advise you whom they are suitable

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5 best masks to stimulate hair growth

5 лучших масок для активации роста волос

Fed by the roots after the winter to a lush growth of hairHats are creating static electricity, dry air in rooms with Central heating, lack of vitamins and all the other disadvantages of winter make our hair thin and weak. Strong healthy hair is the ornament of every woman, which is not the lifeless liquid strands. To obtain a good result you will have to spend a little time and effort, but they are worth it

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