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Salvation drop down: how to keep a lush head of hair have collected the best beauty tools from falling out hair

Sad but true: every day we lose up to 50 hairs. However, this should not worry: a number is absolutely normal. But if you see on the comb of entire strands, the urgent need to sound the alarm and take rescue measures. The main thing — to choose suitable means.

The collection of "Protection against hair loss" from Pantene Pro-V

Спасение выпадающих: как сохранить пышную шевелюру

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The experts of the research Institute of Pantene Pro-V to understand the causes of hair loss, turned to science proteomics — she is studying the protein composition of biological objects. So, it turned out that often the cause of weakness and hair loss becomes the smallest cracks in the structure of protein-based hair shaft. To get rid of these problems and help the funds inii "Protection against hair loss". "We conducted testing showed that the new series of Pantene Pro-V Protecting from hair loss and protects the hair structure and prevents the loss of protein making hair strong from root to tip, says Dr. Joel Koret (Joel Coret), a member of the Research Institute of Pantene Pro-V world-class expert with more than 20 years of experience in the field of new technologies, dedicated to the study of the hair structure. — This collection embodies the best achievements of modern technologies for the protection from damage. Shampoo Protection of hair loss contains new complex, which protects hair from the negative impacts of various pollutants. They accumulate in the hair over time and weaken them, destroying the structure of proteins, which leads to breakage and hair loss".

In the line — four means that it is ideal to use in the complex. This shampoo, conditioner, intensive firming mask, firming toner. Four-stage system, according to the experts, in just two weeks, not only will significantly strengthen your hair but also stop hair loss.

Solid shampoo for strengthening and growth of hair from the "Triumph of Beauty"

Спасение выпадающих: как сохранить пышную шевелюру

Photo: materials of press-services

Cause of hair loss may also be a silicon shortage. To make up for the lack helps Solid shampoo for strengthening and growth of hair from the "Triumph of Beauty", which is present in Horsetail extract, a supplier of organic silicon. The shampoo has a strong firming effect on the hair roots, reduces breakage and hair loss. Increases the flow of nutrients to hair follicles and strengthens the hair shaft, preventing breakage and split ends. This means you fall in love gradually. At first pay attention that the hair become more shiny and silky, have become easy to comb. Then interested, they look clean longer. And after a while will notice that the comb began to remain less hair and do the curls clearly "started to grow".

Tonic shampoo against hair loss with Aminexil DERCOS from VICHY

Спасение выпадающих: как сохранить пышную шевелюру

Photo: materials of press-services

The active molecule was Aminexil were obtained after ten years of research, and its effectiveness is proven after a series of tests. Aminexil was struggling with the seal of connective tissue, strengthening the fixation of the hair in the skin. Statistics are as follows: restored the hair 80% stronger hair for 78 per cent.

It was Aminexil and became part tonic shampoo against hair loss from VICHY. This is the real protection of hair, especially in winter. Improvement is noticeable within a couple of weeks — that is, before the New year you, it is time to stop "the fall".

Restorative tonic for hair growth with rosemary Weleda

Спасение выпадающих: как сохранить пышную шевелюру

Photo: materials of press-services

Brand Weleda, one of the oldest in the cosmetology market, which this year celebrates its 95th anniversary. Founded the brand in 1921 Rudolf Steiner (scientist, philosopher and founder of anthroposophy) and ITA vegman (doctor). And one of the first instruments that they presented to the audience, was just the Restorative tonic for hair growth with rosemary.

Years passed, generations were changing, and this unique beauty tool is still on the dressing table. Moreover, over time, tonic has become more popular: after all, modern studies have confirmed its effectiveness.

The secret is tonic in its composition. The main ingredient — rosemary — has a strong warming effect, stimulates blood circulation and the nervous system. It is no coincidence because this plant was a cult among the ancient Greeks. Also extract of horseradish leaves, which improve the supply of hair roots with nutrients, reduce hair loss and promote natural hair growth.

Argan oil "Huilargan"

Спасение выпадающих: как сохранить пышную шевелюру

Photo: materials of press-services

Sometimes the cause of hair loss can be a dry scalp. Symptoms and causes of hair loss and dryness is almost same. So as soon as you solve one problem, then get rid of the other.

Of course it is better to consult a dermatologist and trichologist: maybe the dryness is a consequence of skin diseases. Or even serious internal problems, identify which can only be a specialist. But in any case, if you conduct an audit of their jars on the dressing table and will add natural beauty remedies, your hair will be grateful.

For example, Argan oil with regular use, soothes dry scalp and makes the hair healthy, shiny, well-groomed, infuses moisture, vitality and replenishes the hair structure. Has a magical regenerating properties and is essential for the tips of the hair.

Argan oil "Huilargan" arrived straight from Morocco, where it is called "liquid gold" and is used not only for thick hair, but for skin care of face, hands and body.

The line means "the Activator growth. Prevention of hair loss" Selenium Se+ to Compliment

Спасение выпадающих: как сохранить пышную шевелюру

Photo: materials of press-services

Often, hair loss is seasonal. And, according to experts, the most dangerous time of year for our curls is winter, when we "feel" the strength of the hair, constant temperature changes. Therefore, in the winter it needs protection.

To be sure that the fight with hair loss is going on, is to work in the complex. That is, to the obligatory shampoos-balms were added serum or mask. In "growth Activator. Prevention of hair loss" from Compliment are very effective ampoules, based on a patented complex Baicapil® (Spain). Its active ingredients stimulate cell metabolism of the scalp and promote tissue oxygenation. The complex helps to normalize the life cycle of hair follicles, increasing thickness and number of hairs in the growth stage, increases metabolism and regenerates the structure. And the result is noticeable after a few days, though manufacturers recommend 16-day course. Also in the line — leave-in serum, shampoo and conditioner, which jointly able to significantly improve hair and leave their hair loss.

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