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5 secrets of hair care in winter

What I snow that I heat me what the rain pouring, the temperature changes are the main enemies of hair

Winter hair requires special care. On the street, they suffer from the cold, indoors is the dry air, plus the lack of vitamins, in the end, on the head, we have something more like hemp than hair. But a little bit of effort, time and care, and the situation can be corrected.


Winter hair essential fatty acids omega-3, calcium and zinc. Vegetables, fruits, various food is all very good and useful, but not enough. Even if you have to eat lemons by the kilo, you still may not get the right amount of vitamin C.

No need to invent anything. Many scientists did it for you. Each pharmaceutical company has developed a balanced complex of vitamins and minerals. Among them are those that are specially chosen in order to preserve the health of your hair.


As you know, the cold makes blood vessels constrict, and blood flows to the scalp insufficient. The hair lacks nutrition, they become weak and brittle. Hair follicles die and fall out. Many complain that in the winter spit is clearly thinner.

Of course, it would be good to visit a trichologist and get a course of massage of the head. But if this is not possible, do not worry. You will help regular massage brush. This trick knew even our grandmothers combing their hair, do at least 200 strokes. Well, and massage the head can, for example, reading WomanHit.


Central heating really dry out the skin, hair, and the whole body. Increase water intake, for this "thank you" will tell you, the entire body. Humidifier, fountain room, but just the aquarium will soften the air in the room.

Shop cosmetics pay attention to the shelves with special means to moisturize the hair. Line such funds have virtually all popular brands. It sprays, balms, conditioners and masks. They remove static electricity that makes hair shining, make them smooth and silky.


Due to the climatic conditions in the winter type of skin and hair changed to more dry. The usual shampoos and conditioners is not suitable. They can cause dandruff, dryness and hair loss.

Choose a delicate, gentle shampoos, their pH factor should be neutral, herbal supplements a little more, but the dye and silicone, heavier hair, it should not be. So after washing a hair not dry, be sure to use a moisturizing balm or conditioner.


Without masks in the winter can not do, and do them more often than usual. Of course, the main ingredients that should be in the medium, oils and vitamins: B1, B5, B6, and F. They are a good complement to the essential oils suitable for your skin type, and for a basis we can take olive, castor or burdock oil. The hair must wrap a towel and hold the up 15 minutes.

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