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How to deal with gray hair: a stellar experience

Jennifer Lopez dyes her hair every two weeks and Eva Longoria ink their masks

First grey hair is seen by many as a tragedy. Especially when the silver begins to Shine in the head at a very young age. Recently Eva Longoria admitted that beginning to turn gray at 18. WomanHit found out, as the actress struggles with the white in his hair, and found out when the gray hairs came from other famous beauties.

Eva Longoria

"The first gray hair I found in 18 years. A year later, almost my whole head was covered with silvery hairs, — frankly says Eva Longoria. — So since then I visit the salon every two weeks. If I'm traveling and can't go to my Barber, is forced to resort to emergency assistance. For example, the roots, I paint over with India ink for the hair. And sometimes your hair dark eyeshadow: they are, of course, missing not for long, but a couple of hours to survive they can."

"Over the years I've tried a lot of different colors: there were a redhead, blonde and brunette. However, most of all I like the way I look now — brown hair with blonde ends," says Eva. However, it will be decided whether the actress ever show your real hair color is kind of gray, Longoria is not recognized.

Jennifer Lopez

Как бороться с сединой: звездный опыт

Jennifer Lopez is not visible gray, valotto:

Jennifer Lopez started to gray at 23. According to the artist, she is hereditary: mom and dad pop star just noticed the silver in my head for the first time in 23 years. However, to demonstrate the graying 47-year-old J. Lo is in no hurry and does curls every two weeks.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer aniston received an unpleasant surprise in the form of grey hair just in time for its 40th anniversary. "He was, of course, not the first. The gray hairs I have started appearing much earlier. But this one was very long! Incredibly long! And I cried," said the actress.

Heidi Klum

Как бороться с сединой: звездный опыт

Heidi Klum showed followers your first gray, valotto:

"What a nightmare! My first gray hair," said Heidi Klum in the social network last fall. However, words of consolation, the supermodel did not hear: she was jealous of fans and recognized that Heidi was very lucky with genetics, because she started to turn gray at the age of 43 years.

By the way...

33 — the average age when women see the first gray hair.

What to do with them? Hairdressers and trichologists advise not to pull, even if only one hair because pulling can damage the hair follicle. If you are already quite unbearable — better gently, otrezat hair with scissors. When gray hair becomes more possible to mask them with mascara for hair, mineral powder for instant changes in color, concealer, water-resistant sprays to stain, paint, in the end. It is also worth remembering that, sedea, hair becomes more dry and brittle, so you should choose a moisturizing shampoo and don't forget to use balms and emollient conditioners.

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