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Rejuvenation: what is it and who is meant

Expert — PhD, author more than 20 scientific articles on cosmetology Maria Shershakova — a unique technique that has already proven itself as an effective way to fight aging: thinning, loss, excessive hair loss

When talking about cosmetic procedures first come to mind are topics eliminate facial and other wrinkles or skin rejuvenation. Meanwhile, there is unjustly deprived of attention methods — PRP hair. Also known as rejuvenation, this procedure appeared not so long ago, but among professionals has already established itself as an effective way to fight aging: thinning, loss, excessive hair loss.

Hair women traditionally care no less than, for example, for skin. Beautiful hair is always a cause for pride. However, if nature was not in this respect, you are too kind, and over the years the hair has lost its beauty, it is necessary to find possibilities to remedy the situation.

About plasma and its properties

The uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that injection is not applicable to synthetic drugs, the scalp introduce its own plasma of the patient. This technique provides maximum digestibility and eliminates the possibility of rejection or infection.

Before the procedure from the patient's vein is blood. Plasma is one of the constituents of blood and highlight the red liquid is placed in a special centrifuge. The selection process short plasma will require about half an hour. It is important to clarify that the useful properties that stimulate the regeneration of tissues, has a plasma rich in platelets (abbreviated PRP). It has established itself not only in cosmetics but also in dentistry, surgery and other medical fields.

The platelets in the body play an important role in tissue repair, and in the context of plasma can revive hair follicles that have ceased to perform the appropriate function. Thus rejuvenates hair and scalp — aktiviziruyutsya natural processes that deliver intense hair growth and a General improvement in their condition.

The essence of the procedure

The PRP is injection technique, therefore, during the procedure, plasma is introduced into the scalp with a needle. Unfortunately, not everything always goes smoothly, you may need a little patience. However, the sensitivity of the skin depends on the area of the head, and the injections take less than five minutes. For particularly sensitive skin may use local anesthesia.

To achieve the desired effect of treatment. Usually three or four treatments at intervals of two weeks. In some cases you will need up to ten repetitions, or after the main course can be assigned to another support. Here are all individually, the need of a particular approach is determined by the expert.

Before the PRP will need to wash your hair, but in the next couple of days the soul would have to give — in order to avoid infections. In addition, a few days before blood sampling will have to eliminate from the diet certain foods and following a procedure will be assigned a vitamin or revitalizing mask.

Some results may be noticeable after two to three injections, but the most obvious effect will manifest after a couple of months. It will last several years — generally, at least two, then the procedure can be repeated. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of repeated courses of may be reduced because of the regenerative capabilities of our skin are not limitless.

Indications and contraindications

The most common symptom, which effectively eliminated with the help of plasma is the hair loss. Moreover, it provokes the growth of new hair, it often leads to a complete overgrowing formed already bald.

In addition, plasmatherapy is struggling with thinning and brittle hair, restores the sebaceous glands, helps against dandruff. Possible the effective application of the treatments against fungal infections of the skin.

The disadvantage of this procedure is the necessity of having hair follicles that are in "sleep" state, but is able to recover. But if the hair completely dies, then the PRP will not be effective. Thus, the procedure shows not all cases of hair loss.

So, fail to achieve the desired result in hair loss due to genetic predisposition — if androgenetic alopecia. Unfortunately, this kind of disease very difficult to treat, in most cases, the best solution is transplantation.

In addition, there are a number of contraindications to the use of the procedure of rejuvenating your hair. Of course, this pregnancy and lactation, a variety of skin and autoimmune diseases, renal failure, cancer. About availability of plasma, and the need of a particular approach in each case will consult a specialist. As with any other cosmetic procedure, contact only a reliable and trusted clinic, which doctors are qualified.

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