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Fashionable shape and texture of haircuts come in the spring

Guide to the most popular, spectacular and simple hairstyles that are easy to repeat

One of the most powerful psychotherapeutic and spiritually uplifting beauty of the manipulation is considered a trip to the hairdresser. And when, as not now to go to the stylists: with the onset of the new season of masters offer the most daring radically change the image, and less determined to cut the bangs or try new styling. The variety of tendencies allows you to choose what we're gonna do.

So, what styling and haircuts will be relevant in the spring and subsequent summer? Oddly enough, popular trends can be quite clearly divided into two directions. The first have to taste the girls, they wouldn't spend a lot of time, effort and money on the styling: in the course of deliberately careless of assorted curls, the effect of wet hair, combed straight locks, all kinds of low tails, shredded bunches, plaits and braids. By the way, spit, but in a different format, there are also fashion in the second direction, but much more neat and clear (such as the Dutch or French versions). Here popular geometric rigor, smooth, perfect lines cut, bangs.

Lost his position too bright, neon shades of hair. They came in less flashy, but no less spectacular palette. The color of the season can be called cherry red in all its manifestations. To be able to tame it, it is important to choose the right form of cutting and styling.

Модные формы и текстуры стрижек наступившей весны

Photo: materials of press-services

Geometry "excellent"

This year we can safely declare the year of the haircut caret and its different variations. Relevant as quite short, and otrashenie form. Art Director Pantene Pro-V Andrey Drykin sure especially popular are the vivid style of the eighties, again conquered the world of fashion. "Hairstyle a La Mireille Mathieu will fit almost all girls, seeking to follow the latest trends. The only one I would not recommend this hairstyle — ladies with very round, full face. By the way, are the ideal basis for such a styling haircut Sassoon, but it can also be done on the hairstyles page and caret, — said Andrey. — Wash your hair with shampoo suitable for your type. Be sure to use a conditioner in the form of an air-soft, to hair was shiny and looked healthy. Thoroughly dry them with a towel and put a Hairdryer using a big round brush-a round brush. Twisted all the ends of the hair inside, including bangs. Remember that hair is good enough to hold the shape, therefore it is necessary to fix the final result with lacquer".

And the actual shape will remain clear, straight haircut caret with bangs. It is beneficial to look on dark and light hair, but the trendy coloring in the form of Balazs or Ombre is best left for later. "Option is ideal for owners of straight, smooth hair. So we will focus on their health, we emphasize the Shine, so the locks must be in good condition, says the stylist of Londa Professional Lydia Zhukova. — Bangs is a very relevant trend, with its help you can adjust the elongated oval of the face and emphasize eyes and beautiful eyebrows. But such form it is better to avoid to owners of tight, curly hair. Girls with round, square and triangular face you should not experiment with sharp lines because they can be unprofitable to emphasize the oval".

Модные формы и текстуры стрижек наступившей весны

Gennady Avramenko

When creating this image we should pay attention to the special care that allows you to prepare curls for further styling. To complete the hairstyle, I recommend using a smoothing means (apply them on wet hair before drying or lightly RUB in the palms on the ends of dry hair). Finish polishing cream.

It is necessary to consider that not everyone is suited perfectly smooth styling for various reasons. Many people do not have the patience and perseverance to grow hair of the same length, someone is always ready to take care of the cut line, pull them and make sure that the hair is kept hair to hair. In this case it makes sense to repeat the image from the spring / summer shows of Fendi and MSGM.

"The shoulder-length hair suits almost all the girls. But the bold with striking texture — just confident! To add movement to the image, I recommend when cutting to use a blade (razor thinning). Then before styling apply on damp hair a few taps universal texturizing spray for a matte finish or gel for a more moist finish. Not in a hurry to dry your hair — better than arbitrarily twist them into a rope with no volume at the roots, dry in the dryer or leave to dry naturally. This will allow you to avoid an overly "explosive" effect," instructs Sebastian Professional stylist Alina Kostrykina.

Модные формы и текстуры стрижек наступившей весны

Photo: materials of press-services

Spit to the waist

Braids, plaits and tails is perfect for those who are tired of the long hair, but not ready to part with them for more radical haircuts. Experiment, focusing on models from fashion shows Emporio Armani, Gucci and Emilia Wickstead.

"This is a very youth and practical option for every day. The braids from the tail is simple to implement, plus it will certainly be popular in the coming season. Initially to clean, damp hair, apply a primer to smooth the surface. Collect a high ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Next, separate the hair into several parts, which will weave braid. For variety you can replace the harnesses. To weave the curls from falling apart, use multifunctional styling cream. Tight braid braids, tie the ends with small rubber bands. Hairstyle opens the face, so is suitable for girls with oval or triangular shape, neat ears and cheekbones. Styling will look great on long and thick hair" — said coach Paul Mitchell Olga Gorshunova.

Модные формы и текстуры стрижек наступившей весны

Photo: materials of press-services

Slicked back hair is a very convenient option for those who are accustomed to Express the pilings. "This form is "play" and on the second day after shampooing. It suits to owners of hair of any length, the main limitation is their density! If you can not boast of pomp and dizzying volume and also curls you have dark tint, be careful, as it can "Shine through" the scalp", — commented Andrey Drykin. Hairstyle is simple to implement: safesite hair back with hair gel with your fingers to create texture and secure the area.

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