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Trichologists allowed daily shampooing

Who and why should I wash my hair every day — read the material

Surely you have heard that to wash my hair every day is not desirable, because it allegedly deprives the scalp of the protective layer. This statement cannot be considered fair. Recommendation trichologists simple: wash the head is necessary as pollution.

Owners of oily skin to avoid itching and greasy hair, you may need daily washing. For those who have dry skin, so just one or two times a week. But, regardless of the type of the skin, daily washing is shown to everyone who uses styling products for hair and sports.

Also, the experts recommend when using the shampoo, apply it only to the root zone and in any case not to lather the length of the hair, as this can lead to dryness and breakage.

What kind of shampoo to choose — you decide. But when you buy select tools that are created for your skin type head. The cost need not be high. With the goal of cleansing handle and budget products.

Agents such as 2-in-1 combines the properties of shampoo and conditioner do not need to use constantly. They are more suitable for days when you have enough time to complete care.

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