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Hairstyles can cause baldness

Out of favor trichologists got stiff beams, which has recently become popular

The advantages of this hairstyle are undeniable: is quick and easy, goes well with any clothing and allows us to look younger. But the consequences of following fashion can be sad.

Experts have found that when you run high beam we pulled so much hair that provoke inflammation in the hair follicles. The most affected area adjacent to the forehead. The damage to follicles is irreversible, and hair stops growing on the traumatized part of the head.

If the beam is only a couple of times a month, to panic. But those who made the beams, as well as tight ponytails and braids to their traditional way of styling your hair, you should choose another hairstyle. It will be useful to consult a trichologist. He will be able to help with the initial stage of baldness.

Not taking seriously the advice of doctors, fashionistas risk to resign ourselves to wearing a wig or a hair transplant procedure. With advanced cases of alopecia areata other ways to cope.

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