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The best hairstyles for those delicious cheeks

Visually make the face shape more elongated will help choosing the right haircut

Among them, the usual penalty, but not short. Hair length should fall below the chin. This will help to disguise the rounded cheeks, making the face oval. Short Bob, on the contrary, make cheeks wider.

Лучшие прически для обладательниц аппетитных щечек

After breaking up with her husband, Olga Buzova made quads with longer strands at licavoli:

Good work and asymmetrical hairstyles. For example, oblique bangs or parted. It distracts attention from the round face shape.

Light curls also conceal the fullness of the face. Most importantly — do not cheat in curlers short hair. This technique is only suitable for long hair or medium length hair.

If you prefer straight hair, ask your hairdresser to do a few locks framing the face and the shorter one is slightly longer at the chin level. Additional vertical lines make a person more graceful.

Лучшие прически для обладательниц аппетитных щечек

Take a few Prada from a person shorter, but longer levels, podborodke:

But too short haircuts will accentuate roundness of the face, their owners mouth-watering cheeks should be avoided.

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