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On your head: top 5 best hair masks

Even if you use a good shampoo with conditioner at least once a week you need to use a mask. The main thing — to choose the ones that suit you. made my five

Mask for intensive repair of the hair from STENDERS Cosmetics

На вашу голову: топ-5 лучших масок для волос

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This mask is perfect for damaged hair. The composition of pure olive oil and apricot kernel oil will give your hair the nourishment and sophisticated fragrance will decorate them subtly floral and citrus notes.

Nourishing mask for dry hair Lakmé

На вашу голову: топ-5 лучших масок для волос

If you have dry and porous and damaged, and the head skin is dehydrated and very sensitive, the mask Lakme to help you. The secret to nourishing and moisturizing effect on the hair in the babassu oil, which is part of the mask. It prevents dehydration and protects hair and scalp. Also among the ingredients — concentrate glacial water, rich in minerals and oligo-elements that naturally soften and protect the scalp. Mask should be used on wet and slightly towel-dried hair and leave for about ten minutes.

Fortifying hair mask "ECOPUR" Ecopure Vitalizing Hair Pack from HOLIKA HOLIKA

На вашу голову: топ-5 лучших масок для волос

A key component of this tool — keratin proteins, it restores the integrity of the hair at the cellular level, closing the scales and sapaeva the hair surface. That is why with regular use of the mask provides a significant strengthening of, reduce the rate of hair loss and improve hair growth. By the way, to use Ecopure as a conditioner: simply apply the product on washed and slightly poseshenie hair, leave for five minutes and rinse with water. But if you use it as a mask, after application to the hair, it is desirable to insulate: you must first wrap your head in cling film or package and top wear cap or wrap with a towel.

Mask for deep recovery hair Deep Repair Hair Masque by NIOXIN

На вашу голову: топ-5 лучших масок для волос

If you have brittle hair (as is often the case, those who often painted), once a week should try this mask. It strengthens the hair shaft and reduces hair breakage. In parallel, the mask conditionerit, restores, smoothes the hair, making them more obedient, gives them strength and elasticity.

Hair mask 3 in 1 with mustard Naturalis from the Compliment

На вашу голову: топ-5 лучших масок для волос

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This mask is for those who started to lose his hair. The warming properties of mustard are known to all. Hair mask with mustard has just such action. Thanks to a warming effect, increases circulation, sleeping hair follicles Wake up and starts the accelerated growth of healthy hair. As a result, the hair becomes stronger, more voluminous and thick. Also mustard oil has a drying property, it absorbs fat and normalizes the sebaceous glands.

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