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Is it possible to make hair voluminous and lush

Only — the secrets of beauty from a resident of London, a popular fashion - and lifestyle blogger Lavinia Lond, which it reveals in his new book, "big city Style. Guide to beauty and fashion"

LONG, THICK HAIR — IT IS VERY BEAUTIFUL. It is almost the best adornment for a woman. The question of how these hair a) long, b) thick. Rather, on the contrary: at first dense, then long. Because thin hair doesn't have to grow to long. What could be ugly than a long, but thin hair?

HERE I WANT to digress: it is impossible to make hair thicker. Quite impossible. How much hair is decided at the moment of conception, and nothing, absolutely nothing, can change that. Perhaps in the future there will be tools such as had the tools to significantly improve the quality of the skin. But now they are not. As long as you do significantly improve the hair impossible. Don't waste your money, time and effort buying and using the advertised hair products. The number of hair follicles responsible for hair density, is genetically predetermined.

Neither their number nor the number of hairs growing from each, does not change. Of course, not to change also the thickness of individual hair.

The hair is a dead material. It can mechanically change: to curl, to develop, make softer or puffier. It is a temporary change: the maximum growth of new hair. New hair will be exactly the same as the previous one, only slightly less dense — because with age the hair is thinning.

In the growth phase of the hair reaches its maximum length, enters a phase of stagnation, then falls, and in its place begins to grow new hair. Most people have hair to the floor you will never grow. Therefore, remedies for hair growth is as useless as tools for density.

Fortunately, few dream of hair to the ground. Unfortunately, many nevertheless grow hair is too long.

At sixteen schoolgirl hair to the waist look pathetic. This is a sign of innocence. On a grown woman is weird. At the middle-aged is ridiculous. Growing hair, the woman sends a signal — I am extremely feminine. And all the exceptional becomes the caricature. Most women best hair length from just below the chin to the collarbone. They beautifully frame the face, look modern and are easy to install.

Here I want to note that too short haircuts also need to be careful. FOR HAIRCUTS-PIXIE NEED A PERFECT JAW LINE, DELICATE FEATURES AND BOYISH FIGURE. Very few women look good with that hair. Let's face it: perfectly beautiful faces are not so common. And all others could use a little camouflage and a beautiful frame.

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