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How to choose the right dryer

The sale's expert technicians with years of experience Olga Kashitsina says what to look for when buying

So, the first thing you should pay attention to the layman, and a professional stylist — that the ultimate goal in using any Hairdryer — not just DRY the HAIR, don'T OVERDRY THEM, not to harm the health of the hair and keep their natural Shine. Imagine that this is possible, is to choose the right tool.

Dry hair, let's be honest, look terrible, and what about those women who are forced to put your hair dryer every day? In this case, they seriously aggravate the already lifeless hair. Of course, you can stick to well-known opinion that "hair is not the teeth will grow back". And they will grow back, of course, only in five years. Why waste your valuable time, if possible in advance to avoid disastrous consequences?

Rule number one: choose quality! Products of famous brands really worth sometimes expensive, but worth it, sorry for the tautology. After all, you can be sure of the reliability of this dryer, it will serve you faithfully for many years. The percentage of failures and returns from major brands is negligible.

Rule number two: the dryer must work quietly (approximately at the level of 59 to 65 DB) — this will allow the stylist to easily engage in dialogue with the client and to home — dry your hair without irritating loved ones.

Rule number three: choose the latest brushless motors. This new technology allows the dryer to serve for many years (the lifetime of the motor — 10,000 hours), allowing the master in the cabin significantly reduce costs. And at home the use of this technique will become a friend for life!

Как правильно выбрать фен

Even daily styling will not harm hair if you choose quality, fanfoto:

And now about the ionization. The ion generator is really a good thing. It allows you to remove static electricity and maintain the natural moisture in the hair. Ions help colored hair to maintain the color saturation and luster.

In addition, all professionals pay attention to details that can make their jobs easier. One such accessory that prevents tangling and cord fractures. Or, for example, nozzles, which always remain cold.

So what is the price of dryers? This is a unique, patented technology, durable powerful motor, comfort and ergonomics, hair care wear resistance. If the strategy of the manufacturer read the care for the environment, it also affects the cost. Products must be made from materials that are 95% suitable for reuse, be included in the concept of energy saving, perfect for Allergy sufferers (for example, due to the presence of the filter, which cleans the emission of harmful particles into the air up to 99.9%). A quality hair dryer should also have a security proof and CE marked.

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