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Long lasting blonde

A few secrets will help to keep hair color intact

The trouble with most dyed blondes — yellow, which appears after a couple of washes of the head. But fashion is now cool blonde can be maintained until the next planned visit to the hairdresser.

First and foremost, success depends on the correct choice of color of paint. If the hairdresser is knowledgeable and able to predict how a structure will behave on your hair, you will get the same cold blond.

If everything went well, now it is the time to take you personally, because the future of color depends on hair care.

All, without exception, required of dyed blondes hair with purple pigment: shampoos, balms and masks. Due to its purple hue they neutralize the yellowness manifested on the hair.

In addition to special balms and masks, is to use regular nourishing and moisturizing. They will help hair scales densely adjoin to each other and will not allow the pigment prematurely washed out. Work well and leave-in hair products.

To the roots is not evident to the eye, avoid direct partings. Better safesite hair back or create a part in the form of a zigzag. If the roots cause you severe discomfort, use a colored spray masking.

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