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Recipes of Hollywood: how stars treat hair

Sophia Loren, Julia Roberts, Madonna, and other celebrities share their secrets to luxurious hair

We all love to watch the luxurious outlets of the stars walking proudly on the red carpet: perfect makeup, stylish outfit, expensive accessories. One of the important roles in the image plays a hairstyle — namely, the appearance of the hair. Beautiful, thick and shiny tresses are the dream of any girl. gathered the most useful tips from the celebrity owners of enviable hair.

Shiny and thick locks − business card for Jennifer aniston. The actress advises: do not brush wet hair! When your curls are wet, they are very easy to damage hard teeth of a comb. Better wait for the complete drying of the hair and carefully comb them.

One of the most beautiful women in the world Sophia Loren admits that can't do without olive oil. The actress gets it on the hair roots in a heated condition and get shiny and groomed curls.

Рецепты Голливуда: как звезды ухаживают за волосами

Nina Debritto:

The performer of the title role in the TV series "the vampire Diaries" Nina Dobrev said that almost never uses a Hairdryer and hair straighteners.

But Julia Roberts prefers to pamper your natural hair with mayonnaise, because all the ingredients have a beneficial effect on the hair structure. After such a mask your hair longer confused, and combing it will be a pleasure!

The exception is the shooting when you want to curl or straighten strands, but without having the actress does not resort to such procedures.

Рецепты Голливуда: как звезды ухаживают за волосами

Mila, Jovovitch:

Milla Jovovich feeds his hair... yogurt! To give the gloss, the actress puts on the hair half a Cup of yogurt for about thirty minutes before shampooing. Should try this budget mask recipe Sweet: you can use yogurt and any other dairy products.

Рецепты Голливуда: как звезды ухаживают за волосами


Final advice from Madonna: to get your hair to become stronger and stronger, eat properly. We are what we eat, so include in your diet meat, nuts, and don't forget about fruits and vitamins. Not only hair, but skin will thank you!

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