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The section of hair: treat and masked

To cope with the problem section of hair, an integrated approach is needed

The cross section of the ends of your hair is the result of dryness that could arise from improper care, exposure to high temperatures, hormonal characteristics of the organism and so on.

To remove the dryness capable of natural oils that can be applied to the ends of the hair alone or in combination of masks and leave-in treatments. That oil worked better, they need to be heated in a water bath or even RUB between your palms. If you use pure oil should be kept on hair for 2-3 hours. In the case of factory products follow the instructions on the application.

From salon treatments to owners of dry hair is most like lamination. The composition, which is applied to the hair for lamination, creates a protective film that prevents evaporation of the humidity and protects from negative external influences.

While care has not fully remedied the situation, to disguise split ends will help the right hairstyle. For example, curls. Hairstyles with straight hair, in contrast, focus on the fluff the ends of the hair.

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