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Masked the gray folk and professional methods

The roots are starting to annoy a lot more when they have gray hair

Gray hair is much more noticeable than the hair of another shade at the scalp. The fact is that the painted part of the hair and not gray hair without paint are the pigment and reflect light roughly equally. Gray hair is another story. They have no pigment: due to age-related changes or problems with blood circulation to the scalp they are discolored.

The most common way of masking gray hair and regular touch up gray hair dye at the salon or home. But this is not the only option.

Those who for a few percent of graying of hair is not ready to use chemical dyes, can be recommended to paint henna or Basma. They do not harm the hair, so dyeing my roots will be at least every week.

Coloured also have decoctions of oak bark, clover flower, ginseng roots, nettle, burdock and bees. If you like traditional recipes, you can try to touch up the roots with the help of herbs.

Quickly and efficiently to help cover the gray colored powders and sprays to the hair roots. They hold up to the first wash, so to use them you need a daily or at least every other day.

There are also lotions with stem cells, which, as promised by the manufacturers, is able to restore the color of gray hair.

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