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Long hair is really

Despite the huge range of short haircuts that many women still dream of flowing locks

Must admit, long hair is really beautiful. Besides, they like men, hint at the exceptional feminine qualities of their owner.

However, to grow hair is not always easy. Many hair grows, say, to the shoulders or shoulder blades and stop growing. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon — the lack of nutrients.

It is therefore presented in pharmacies so many b-vitamin complex to strengthen hair and promote their growth. They contain substances, lack of which the hair follicles are not able to work normally. If the deficiency is — these drugs will certainly help.

The hair was long and healthy, the nutrients must not only be contained in the body, but also to freely flow to the hair follicles. So it was not a problem, you need to regularly massage the scalp. Massage can be done before shampooing or during it.

Hair length may remain unchanged due to the fact that the tips of the hair regularly break off due to insufficient care with the help of balms and masks, as well as abuse of the Hairdryer and straighteners.

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