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Best hair masks

Beauty edition tested hair mask and his verdict

Plasma-P24 Smooth mask from the Italian brand NAPURA

Лучшие маски для волос

Photo: materials of press-services

Trichologists do not share our optimism about the holiday. The main threat to the hairstyle, in their view, comes from UV radiation, but also from sea salt and chlorine pool. UV rays increase the secretion of sebum and destroys the keratin of the hair shaft. So during the holidays it is necessary not only to wash my hair every day special "solar" shampoo, but at least once a week to use moisturizing mask. One of the most effective tools that actively nourishes, moisturizes and fills the hair without weighing it down is a plasma mask. It is created on the basis of natural extract of date fruits and silk protein that helps to seal the cuticle and strengthening the hair structure. Amino acids and sericin silk to integrate into the hair and provide a "memory effect" that makes the hair smooth. The present biopolymer enhances the action of sericin and guarantees a perfect smooth styling control even in humid conditions. Well panthenol provides smoothness to hair and protects against the aggressiveness of the environment. Conveniently, a bottle of mask has an airless pump: this eliminates the ingress of air inside and prevents the oxidation of active components and natural ingredients.

Nourishing and revitalizing mask Dercos from VICHY

Лучшие маски для волос

Photo: materials of press-services

If your hair is already damaged and become dry, two or three times a week should set a "days of recovery" from VICHY. In the nutrient-restoring mask contains strengthening for the first time, Dercos ceramides (they make up for the missing amount of keratin around the hair shaft, making it more resistant to aggressive environmental factors) and three nourishing oils — sweet almond, rosehip and safflower oil. The transformation is noticeable after the first application. What nemalovazhno for the summer: the formula contains a UV filter for optimum protection and Shine of damaged hair.

Hair mask "Royal jelly and propolis" from Botanic Therapy

Лучшие маски для волос

Photo: materials of press-services

This mask is great to cope with split ends. After all, no wonder in a jar is the definition of a "intense healing". And all thanks to Royal jelly jelly is a unique ingredient that works wonders. After all, it is called "Royal jelly". Royal jelly from a medical point of view first came to the attention of the Polish doctor, Jan Jargon. He conducted a serious study about the benefits of Royal jelly, the results of which saw the light in 1848. Several decades later, in 1922, the French biologist Remy Soven continued what you started Jan Jargon, but his work has had not only serious scientific study, but data about the use of examples of real people. It was after this in the Old world began "uterine milk boom". Today, of course, it is somewhat slept, but "Royal jelly" is still actively used, including in cosmetology.

Mask "Royal jelly and propolis" is not only instantly transforms and restores hair, but also has an obvious cumulative effect. And even after the use of almost the whole day you will be accompanied by an amazing honey aroma. Only fear that you are not flocked like bees to honey, all the surrounding men!

Mask "peppermint" from ShilHalal

Лучшие маски для волос

Photo: materials of press-services

Rational people would probably say that it does not happen, but this mask is really magical. On the one hand, it is chilling, on the other — warming. Responsible for the power mint mask, warming properties of red pepper. Also, the mask is rich in mineral water, Shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil — in other words, a lot of useful ingredients that simply can't fail to enthrall your curls.

Apply the mask better on dry hair for 15-30 minutes. By the way, men can safely steal the vehicle from her companions: the beard mask is also nice great!

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