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Peeling of the scalp will ensure the beauty of the hair

Exfoliating treatment for the scalp significantly improves the quality and speed of hair growth

If in your Arsenal is only the means for peeling the skin of the face and body, you immediately need to buy another one for the scalp. Or cook it yourself on the basis of or large sea salt and essential oils.

This cosmetic product cleans the scalp of dead skin cells, sebum, dust, dirt, remnants of styling and skin funds. It should be applied after shampooing.

So why do we scrub the scalp? At first glance it seems that it completely duplicates the function of the shampoo but it really is absolutely not the case. Shampoo, even for deep cleaning, not able to completely clean the skin. Compare shampoo and scrub for the scalp — it's about the same what to try to equate to each other, a gel cleanser and facial scrub.

Thus, the peeling of the scalp — this tool is not for daily use. It is used once a week to conduct "General cleaning". Thanks to it improves blood flow to the scalp, grow hair faster, reduces the chance of occurrence of dandruff, conditions are created for better penetration of nutrients from the masks and oils.

However, despite all the advantages, the peeling is contraindicated. It should not be done on irritated or damaged skin.

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