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What split ends ...

To restore the tips exfoliate impossible, they will have to cut it. And then to find the cause of the disastrous state of my hair

Do we guard the hair from exposure to the environment? Sun, wind, frost can cause damage. But most often we ourselves, with his own hands bring own hair to a depressing state.

Do not wash the hair with water limit temperature, which sustains the body, because they, unlike skin, is not able to be updated regularly. Shampoos for oily hair are suitable are those that contain glycerin or aloe. Note the temperature which is set to termoindurente. Maybe you just burned your strands, giving them a form. Staining problem hair are best left to the professionals. Modern masters own techniques and tools, which not only will not damage the hair while coloring, but, on the contrary, will be useful for them.

Hair breakage may reflect a disturbance in the body, such as hormonal or allergic, it is clear that to treat this case, you need not hair.


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