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The shape of the face helps to correct hairdresser

If you don't like the roundness of your own cheeks or cheekbones with age slightly swollen, only need to choose the right haircut

There are several options for hairstyles that make the face more narrow and, as a consequence, it looks younger. Short pixie haircut with uneven oblique bangs is well suited for young chubby girls. The bangs of this type generally successfully conceals unwanted facial volume in any hair style. Covering eyebrows with one hand, she disguises problem areas.

Layering haircuts — another secret, visually pulling oval face. The top strands should be cut shorter than those located below, the desired effect is achieved regardless of hair length. You can hide the roundness with the help of special tools for hair styling. To do this, divide hair into strands and make them look as if they are wet, the so-called beach curls.

Овал лица поможет исправить парикмахер

Balaj and any similar colouring techniques also help to visually narrow lizotte:

Staining technique Balaj in which the hair, dark at the roots, gradually lighter to the tips, can also help to visually lengthen the face.


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