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To grow, Kosa,... Anastasia Sidorova gives tips on hair care in autumn

Trichologist and owner of luxurious curls, proves by example the effectiveness of these recommendations

Anastasia Sidorova is becoming more popular in the environment of beauty bloggers. A girl of 20 years beginning strands of hair to lose her hair, she was diagnosed with "alopecia". However, Sidorov did not despair: she not only coped with this problem but has become a trichologist to help others. Now Anastasia has a gorgeous head of hair — its length is 106 cm she actively maintains a blog on Instagram, which shares tips on maintaining the health and beauty of hair. A separate post she dedicated to caring for your curls to fall.

"Many people are often faced with the season of hair loss. If the content of iron in the organism in norm and there are no hormonal problems is a normal phenomenon" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., and the beginning of Sidorov. And then listed the recommendations that should be followed at this time of year:

Publication from Hair (@sidorovaanastasiya)Aug 9 2017 8:21 PDT

– vitamins: "Vitamins will not stop hair loss. You can only see that in place of fallen hair grow healthy hair. In this case, the necessary vitamins of group B. do Not forget about vitamins a, C and E and minerals zinc and selenium".

additional care: "during the heating season the humidity in the room falls and the hair shaft becomes drier. To solve this problem, you can use sprays containing in its composition keratin and permanent funds."

– ampoule treatment: "In this case it is important to pay attention to the composition. Components with proven effectiveness — the saw Palmetto extract and green tea, cysteine, histidine, caffeine, Biotin and Niacin, beta-sitosterol. At the same time, there are no independent studies supporting workers quality aloe, Ginkgo biloba,ginseng, bergamot or Sophora".

timely washing your hair: "scalp gets dirty pretty quickly when wearing headgear, and in the fall exacerbated diseases such as seborrhea, psoriasis. Therefore, the head should be washed as pollution and not to delay this process."

Sidorov also recommends once a week to do a mask based oils, use hair tonic and accustom themselves to proper drying of the hair, which does not depend on the time of year: first, we need to allow the hair to dry by yourself by about 60 percent, and only after that she begins to comb out strands and includes a Hairdryer.


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