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12 pharmacy bubbles that will be useful for you

Tools for self-care is not always expensive

Do not rush to leave a few thousand rubles in the store with cosmetics. Of course, all kinds of creams and lotions help to maintain the attractive and healthy appearance, but no worse to cope with this task penny means that you can buy at any pharmacy.

For hair:

Burdock oil; castor oil and tincture bitter pepper. Apply them as a mask for half an hour before shampooing and girlfriends will be jealous of your hair. And Essential lavender oil, if you add conditioner to rinse hair, allow them to stay longer clean.

12 аптечных пузырьков, которые вам пригодятся

Not necessary to buy expensive shampoos to have a beautiful волосы

For hands:

Sea salt — do her bath for hands, after a while, the nails become much stronger. Apricot oil and glycerin to soften and make supple the skin. They can be used at night as a mask and top wear cotton gloves or just make them hand massage.

12 аптечных пузырьков, которые вам пригодятся

Do daily massage your hands with glycerin, you will be surprised результату

For the body:

Mummy and almond oil. Dissolve Shilajit in water or baby cream and oil to clean, lubricate these funds problem areas, unsightly streaks will be gone. The concoctions will help with bruises. This sponge usually sold in a dry form, it must be diluted with water to obtain a homogeneous slurry. Nanosite it to the place of injury, and he will be faster.

12 аптечных пузырьков, которые вам пригодятся

Shilajit will remove all растяжки

For the face:

Blue clay and cosmetic walnut oil a great deal with fine wrinkles. They can be used even for skin around the eyes. Use in the form of masks.

12 аптечных пузырьков, которые вам пригодятся

Pharmacy means you can use even for sensitive skin глаз


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