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Fleeing the fall of hair loss

Trichologist gave advice on seasonal care for locks that are now especially vulnerable

Experts call autumn hair loss is seasonal. The hair begins to fall is so intense that many people are scared of a disease or malfunction in the body. But no need to panic. Seasonal hair loss, most likely, takes place by itself and does not require treatment. But in some situations, the condition of the hair need to pay special attention.

Improper care. Permanent dyeing, use of hair dryer and other hot styling tools, and also a long finding under the sun can lead to problems with hair. But, according to experts, aggressive care does not cause hair loss. They can fade, break, split. But the hair loss is due to problems with the bulbs, and in this case you need to look for the cause of the problem.

Not enough vitamins. The body lacks zinc, or iron. Also, for good hair essential b vitamins and Biotin.

Hormonal disorders are considered the most common cause of hair loss in women, especially during menopause. In this case, the required dietary supplements with plant estrogens or hormone therapy.

Спасаемся от осеннего выпадения волос

Trichologist Galina Volkovito: materials of press-services

Galina Volkova, trichologist: "you Can rinse your hair decoction of burdock and nettle, vinegar, rubbed various oils and to make a mask of yogurt. But it should be done carefully and preferably after consultation with a specialist. Even olive oil can cause harm if used incorrectly. All the folk remedies in fact body, not curative, and is designed for people who have no big problems with the hair. If the hair fell out, you anointed burdock, and they began to grow it's not butter works, it is just a natural phase of hair growth. So, initially it was not too serious problem. There are folk recipes that can be recommended for use. This is the mask with pepper, garlic, aromatic oils and other aggressive, irritating components. You can trigger the development of a burn, increase the hair loss. It is useful to massage scalp with your hands or use a special massagers. It normalizes the microcirculation and give the hair follicles the oxygen, food".


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