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Do not go to bed with wet hair

This habit can cause serious health problems

After a hard working day it is difficult to devote sufficient time to your hair. So some of us wash their hair during the evening of the shower, wipe them with a towel and go to bed. As it turned out, this is a gross error, which is not just in the morning create hair "bird's nest", but also harm your entire body.

Brittle hair. Wet hair have an increased fragility. And when you dream you are tossing and turning, they are very confused and break off. And comb the next day they will not be easy.

Cold. In the dream the person is motionless and wet scalp supercooled. Therefore, from the slightest draught in the morning, you can get at least a cold.

Hair loss. All for the same reason, cooling is inflammation of the hair follicles. As a result, the hair falls out, and on the skin appear redness, ulcers and itching.

Dandruff. On the skin every person can live a fungus Malassezia Furfur. Humidity can trigger its reproduction, with the result that there is a dandruff and flaking of the skin.

The asthma and Allergy. If you sleep with a wet head often, your pillow accumulates a lot of moisture. It's a great environment for bacteria, fungi and mites. They can cause allergic rhinitis and cough, which in the end will be the usual wet hair.


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