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Don't do it with your hair

Professional stylists do not recommend to wrap wet hair in a towel

You are trying to draw maximum attention to your hair — use the best care, regularly cut the ends and perform the procedure strengthen. But they are still dull, brittle and look absolutely lifeless. Experts have told us why it was so difficult to get the desired result. It turns out that one very common habit is extremely detrimental to the condition of the hair.

Many women don't just wipe your hair after a shower, but wrap them in a towel. The hair is gathered up and not bothering to do their business. Towels made of soft fabric or mohair, absorb water easily and pull out of the hair of all moisture. As a result, they become dry, brittle and lose their healthy Shine.

I advise you to carefully promacot hair after washing and leave to dry before styling with a Hairdryer. It is not so convenient, drying will take longer, but the hair will become softer, will gradually acquire a luxury look and be healthy.


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