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The masked gray hair without coloring

5 simple ways to hide gray roots without the use of paint

Graying hair is something that manifests in each of us with age. Someone silver seen before, someone later. But, as a rule, women do not want to put up with such "discoloration". Permanent staining is tedious and not the best way affects the hair structure, so we decided to reveal to you 5 secrets on how to disguise grey hairs without staining the paint.

Natural dyes. In many countries women today prefer henna and Basma. This is not just an easy way to tint the hair, but also an excellent firming mask. Although the range of colors of this painting are very simple, with it your hair will be smooth and shiny.

The decoctions. Hair coloring is also carried out with the use of herbal based on herbs. Them you can rinse your hair or add to your shampoo. To do this, use clover flowers, oak bark, nettle, burdock and lungwort.

Overhead curls. Cover up gray hair will help the curls overhead. The most important thing is to choose a tone that will blend with your.

Hair lotions. Modern manufacturers provide us with a unique tool with the content of stem cells. After a few days of applying pigmentation to your hair restored permanently and you can forget about gray.

Haircut. With properly chosen haircut can easily hide graying hair. Tell your hairdresser to pick a hairstyle that will not only fit the shape of your face and hide the "little flaw".


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