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Dry shampoo: a few of the ways of practical use

Initially it was invented for the Express care of hair, but the resourceful people have come up to tools and other applications

Hair styling. Dry shampoo is often used to create "beach waves". To do this, apply the product on the basis of hair and slightly spread over the entire length. Screw the strands on a hot Curling iron and the curls are ready.

It also helps if the outcome of the hairspray. Dry shampoo, of course, has such a strong hold, but will not allow your styling to disintegrate.

If when applying the oil or gel you slightly overdo it, dry shampoo will come again to help.

Sometimes the hair is staticky from plastic combs or synthetics. Dry shampoo will help to deal with static hair.

Care of the eyebrows. Eyebrows attract a lot of attention, therefore, needs to look perfect. To make them neater and thicker, apply a small amount of dry shampoo with the brush. This effect is achieved at the expense of starch in its composition.

The tool from rubbing. This tool contains talc, which prevents the rubbing of the feet shoes or each other.


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