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The most common myths about shampoos

If you wash your hair from roots to ends or prefer shampoos "2 in 1", rather then read this article

Problems with hair can be caused by the fact that you incorrectly use their shampoo blindly believing in common myths about this tool.

The first myth: shampoo apply on entire hair length. This mistake is made by many women. In fact, you should wash only the scalp, and shampoo can be selected depending on its characteristics. Hair enough soap scum that gets on them when flushing. Apply the product gently, gently massaging the skin with fingertips.

The second myth: shampoos "2 in 1" full replace air conditioning. When the cleansing shampoo opens the hair scales and the conditioner closes them back. Shampoo "2 in 1" has only the first property and not suitable for daily use. It can be used as an Express care when you go on a trip and don't want to gain these extra cosmetics.

The third myth: daily shampooing is harmful to hair. Hair should be washed as they get dirty, no matter how often it happens. If you use styling products or sports, you need to wash your hair every day.


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