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5 secrets for smooth, shiny hair

Wash your hair not more than 2-3 times a week and see how they are transformed

Styling matters. Chaotic styling gives volume but makes curls dull and cracked. When you dry your hair, direct the flow of hot air from roots to ends — this will help to smooth out the raised scales.

Contrast shower. Correctly finish the procedure of washing hair. After using the shampoo, mask or other means the remains, wash them with cool water. She closes the scales that are revealed under the influence of hot temperatures. Hair will be soft and shining.

A vinegar rinse. Since ancient times, vinegar was used for hair care. Its effectiveness is proven and is used for the last stage of washing the hair. It eliminates residues of detergents and sebum, gives the hair a delicate sheen. But this method is suitable for those who are not afraid of its sharp odor.

Professional remedies. On the shelves of modern shops you will find many tools that will make the hair more attractive. Sprays, serums and other products will give hair Shine and make them softer.

Correct care. Each hair is enveloped in a shell that is not restored when you wash your hair every day. It protects the hair from harmful environmental factors responsible for the luster. Try to wash your hair as infrequently as possible.


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