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3 reliable ways to choose the right hair color

Recommendations of stylists in choosing the perfect shade-type appearance

Every woman ever wanted to radically change their appearance. And usually, these changes begin with changing the color of hair. But sometimes I miss the shade, and it will ruin the image. Therefore, we have gathered for you few simple tips that will help you to make this difficult choice.

Skin tone. Start by determining your skin tone. For warm tones will suit brown or chocolate tones. Girls with a cool hue should choose light and Golden brown. For a neutral tone choose copper chestnut or Golden caramel.

The iris of the eye. Notice the "solar" pattern or spots placed in a circle — you should try hair dye with warm tones. Around the pupil have curls or uneven lines — advised to stay in cool colors.

Compare cotton the skin and eyes. When the color of both types are warm, you use the following shades: chocolate, wheat, amber, caramel and honey. If the color type of the eyes and skin are cold, you better stay on red, ash blonde, light blonde or grey colors. Women of color skin type and eyes at odds, you can safely experiment with your hair and try different options — they can use any color.


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