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3 set of hair care

Rules that must be observed after 30, 40 and 50 years

Hair care after 30

To make your hair beautiful and healthy in 20 years, just to wash it with good shampoo. In 30 years, they require much more attention. The important thing is that now you want your curls — hydration. It will help them to remain smooth and not break. For this you will need the conditioner, shampoo and mask for deep recovery.

3 комплекса ухода за волосами

In 30 years, it's time to start caring волосах

Also, don't forget to do the head massage with the hair brush or simply with your hands.

Hair care after 40

After age 40 many women notice that their hair becomes thinner, and the hair is losing its volume. At this age, need to have serious, well-chosen care. You are shown an intense moisturizing, strengthening and hair restoration, and nutrition of the scalp.

In the salon you will find a suitable styling tool for increasing the diameter of each hair. Experts will help you to draw up a programme of individual care and will hold a professional procedure to restore. Also, the Barber will help you choose a tone for color — the color should be several shades lighter than your natural. This allows you to look younger.

3 комплекса ухода за волосами

Include in the diet of vitamin комплекс

Follow the diet, it affects your appearance. Add to your diet foods rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium, and zinc. Drink vitamin complexes.

Hair care after 50

Unfortunately, the hair is getting old with us. In this age comes gray hair, and the hair becoming thinner, you may begin to fall out. They need to be treated with care — do not wash them daily and less likely to resort to hot styling. In addition to shampoo and conditioner, use a deep moisturizing mask at least once a week.

Add in the diet of foods rich in: vitamin b and protein (meat, beans, nuts, seafood); silicon, calcium, copper, zinc and iron (cereals, hard cheese, sesame seeds, liver); natural moisturizers (vegetable and fruit).

3 комплекса ухода за волосами

Blonde hair make a face моложе

Long hair, of course, the decoration of women, but you may have to sacrifice them for the sake of volume. Haircut in the form of the cascade would allow to achieve this effect. If you want bangs to cover wrinkles on forehead, make it asymmetrical and elongated. Ask your hairdresser to slightly brighten strands around the face, it will make the hair visually healthy and give Shine to the face.

If your hair started falling out, consult a trichologist. Most likely, you will be advised to take a course of mesotherapy or laser therapy to stimulate hair follicles. The specialist will recommend a variety of Spa treatments for healthy hair and enhance their growth.


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