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Group "colors": how to color your hair and care for them is the best beauty tools for those who decided to celebrate spring in the "new color"

Thanks to a new generation of great hair dyes, many women have the opportunity to paint at home, without compromising their tresses. However, the professionals emphasize: you can not go to the salon only if you want to emphasize the natural shade of hair colors "tone on tone": here, surprise again, is unlikely. But if you're planning to dye my hair from dark to light, from the visit to the hairdresser not to flinch. "Slanderous" means the shop can not cope with the red-yellow pigments in brown hair, hair will turn yellow or, even worse, orange. Likewise, care professional need to trust the hair that was once dyed or curled. Only a real Barber can guess what amount it is necessary that the hair was painted evenly.

Resistant or tinted

If you decided to dye your hair yourself, the main thing — to decide what paint to choose — resistant, or tinting?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. Resistant paints over a gray hair, a hundred percent and make the hair two to three shades lighter. First, they reveal the scales below the new color pigments have penetrated deep, and natural — disappeared under the influence of hydrogen peroxide. Most toning lightens to a maximum of one nuance and paint over the gray hair at 50 percent. Usually their composition does not contain ammonia, there is only 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Such paints do not penetrate in depth and not injure the stem, but washed out quickly — on average within 3-4 months (during this time we have 20-30 times to clean the head).

So, persistent cream-dye SYOSS Oleo Intense this spring will appear in a new guise. Advanced formula with dual power oils do not contain ammonia and works in two directions: in the dyeing process, the oil helps to penetrate crusadea pigment deeply into the hair structure and intensively cares for the hair. Thanks to the double strength of oil hair a luxurious Shine and healthy look.

Группа «краски»: как правильно окрашивать волосы и ухаживать за ними

Photo: materials of press-services

In addition, the range will complement two on-trend shade of the new collection "Shimmer gold". Luminous color "Honey blonde" and "Dark chocolate" (contain reflective pigments that give hair a beautiful Golden nuances and the precious Shine.

Back time

Many women start to dye your hair only when you see gray locks. However, not only gray hair suggests that time, alas, inexorably runs forward. Our hair is also aging.

The lack of substances which glue the scales of the hair, leading to porosity of the curls. Due to the decrease of the density of the hair your hair looks less bulky. And hair fall out faster, and the hair follicles are not able to quickly replace them with new ones.

In order to give hair a new color, but also to mitigate age-related changes, Londa is a unique product — resistant cream-paint Londa Age-Defy. This paint is fighting together with 7 common problems:

– provides 100% gray coverage;

– softens the hair;

– makes hair more manageable and soft hair while styling;

– makes hair more elastic and reduces breakage;

– makes the color more vivid, lively and intense;

– does not dry and moisturizes the hair;

– prevents the formation of split ends.

Группа «краски»: как правильно окрашивать волосы и ухаживать за ними

Photo: materials of press-services

In each set of the hair dye comes with a conditioning serum, it and help to turn back the clock. Thanks to its innovative formula, the serum establishes the result of staining by creating an invisible protection to the obtained color, and gives hair a naturally beautiful Shine and a pleasant softness to the touch. And in parallel restores the structure and smoothes the hair surface, thereby markedly improving their condition and appearance.

To preserve the color

For colored hair need special care. Glitter — that's what makes them healthy. To the hair shiny, scales are required to fit tightly to each other: just as they protect the new color pigment and to evenly reflect light. So use special care means.

New 3-step system from NIOXIN due to its innovative formulas contribute to the preservation of color-treated hair, making them thick and more voluminous.

Группа «краски»: как правильно окрашивать волосы и ухаживать за ними

Photo: materials of press-services

In systems 3,4,5,6 introduced new technology color protection (Pro-Color Shield Technology). It instantly seals the hair cuticle and protects colour up to 18 times using the shampoo. Also updated the formulas of all nutritional mask for scalp and hair (3-phase in care 3-step system). Thanks to an updated formula of the mask, the hair after using it two times more voluminous.


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