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5 rules of beautiful hairstyles

What to do to keep your hair fresh and voluminous

Rule # 1

The more often we wash the hair, the faster they get dirty — a vicious circle. Try a few day to endure dirty mind, for example, during sick leave. From daily shampooing it is best to withdraw gradually: over time, the intensity of the sebaceous glands decrease. Gradually increase the intervals between washing at least five days.

5 правил красивой прически

Stretch время

Rule # 2

Plan your hairstyle in advance for the days ahead. For example, use the system recognized beauty Kim Kardashian. "We begin with the fleece in the 1st day, 2nd day, the stylist creates my careless way, on the 3rd it smoothes hair irons. On the 4th day my hair is usually combed smooth and collected in the tail, but on the 5th I wash it," says the socialite.

5 правил красивой прически

Plan заранее

Rule # 3

Hair can quickly get dirty because of improper washing. Water should be a comfortable temperature, and the hair is well soaked before applying shampoo. Squeeze a bit of detergent –more is not better. Gentle a circular motion apply the product on hair, moving in the direction from the crown to the tips. Rinse chemistry. Stylists recommend to do it under the shower for at least five minutes, finishing by rinsing with cold water.

5 правил красивой прически

More water, less шампуня

Rule # 4

On the pillow case accumulates skin cells and makeup residues, it forms a favorable environment for bacteria. Change your bed linen to sleep on clean not only pleasant but also useful. Do this at least once a week.

5 правил красивой прически

Keep bed in чистоте

Rule # 5

Updo help keep hair fresh longer, and the hair voluminous. While at home, gather your hair in a bun before going out dismiss it.

5 правил красивой прически

Wear tufts, tails and косы


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