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How to save the hair in the offseason

A tuft of hair on the comb can cause a panic in the spring, when the body is weakened, often starts their increased hair loss. find out what you need to do to keep hair

On the external reasons because of which starts the seasonal hair loss, most of you know is the changes in temperature, an incorrect selection of hats and improper care. Internal reasons are much more.

Anemia. Vegetarians and lovers of strict diets often have iron deficiency That leads to oxygen starvation, causing the hair begins to fall out or stop growing.

Beriberi. One of the common causes of hair loss in the spring.

Depression. It can appear due to lack of sunlight (vitamin D deficiency). This leads to fatigue, bad mood and slow down metabolism.

Changing hormonal levels. In the spring production of certain hormones increases. Hormonal status may change due to stress, change in time zones, a new diet.

Exacerbation of chronic diseases. At this time of year, aggravated chronic diseases of the liver, kidney, thyroid, pancreas, stomach and intestines.

Как спасти волосы в межсезонье

Galina Volkovito: materials of press-services

Galina Volkova, the doctor-triholog:

— Even in healthy people in the spring can experience hair loss more rapidly. They can become dry, brittle and start to split, to thin. Especially if not so long ago people had a cold, a viral infection, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Perms, coloring also are contributing. Plus many people want to lose weight and sit on a rigid diet. The hair received all the necessary, the diet should contain dark meat, parsley, white beans, egg yolks, fatty fish, butter. You need to find out if there is enough zinc and iron, vitamin D, B vitamins, Biotin. As soon as the hair started to fall out, you need to consult a doctor. Some patients need to undergo several studies. As a rule, trichoscopy, biochemical analysis of hair, blood tests. Quite often the patient with hair loss is parallel treatment and services, and an endocrinologist, and gastroenterologist. To decide this question is not only pointless, but dangerous. It is possible to miss a serious disease and give him time to develop. No homemade recipes, self-chosen shampoos and masks can't solve this problem. On the contrary, we are often forced to treat the complications of self-medication. A classic example is burns the scalp after homemade masks and compresses or running alopecia. Remember: hair is a mirror of health.


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