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Some blondes prefer gentlemen — how to acquire new hair color safely and effectively and what tools to choose to care for colored tresses

All know that "gentlemen prefer blondes". This is confirmed by the results of numerous polls: it turns out that 90 percent of European men the girl of his dreams to see it is blonde. Here only, alas, natural blondes actually not so much. But there is a solution: today to buy a "light head" can each of us. The main thing — not to make mistakes on the way to the ideal.

Каких блондинок предпочитают джентльмены

Photo: materials of press-services

Modern technologies make it easy to experiment with hair color. A new direction in painting with the telling name of the Blonde with Love this year introduced the brand Londa Professional. This collection, dedicated to the charm of blondes, are inspired by natural shades and a soft texture of cashmere. In the lineup — four shades of blonde, pearl, ash and Sandra directions for giving hints of a cold tone, but also a means for recovering hair shaft Fiber Infusion with keratin.

Ready to experiment?

If you have blond hair, you have the opportunity to experiment. Fortunately, today there are many tools that allow you to instantly add a bit of creativity to your casual look. The brand Revlon Professional creating professional cosmetics for hair, improved formula of the direct dyes without ammonia Nutri Color Creme and shades. Tools now give more intensive care to hair, but most of the palette is complemented by two neutralizing shade "Heavy ash" and "high platinum" and shimmering cool shades with a metallic shimmer "Titanium gray" and "cool blue Intense".

Каких блондинок предпочитают джентльмены

Photo: materials of press-services

The color "Titanium gray" (120) with a metallic sheen perfect for dramatic images, and "cool blue Intense" (190) offers stylish color with a deep sheen of silver. Neutralizing shades "Heavy ash" (1011) and "high platinum" (1022) ideal for creating pastel colors or eliminate unwanted shades after coloring in pure blond.

To use these new items is very simple. The first step is to wash your hair and dry them with a towel. Then with a comb or fingers to evenly distribute the necessary amount of money. Wait three minutes, rinse thoroughly with water and — voila! your new image is ready!

Proper care

Yes, today can be instantly transformed from brunette to blonde. However, we must remember that even the safest staining is still stress to the hair. Therefore, to care for bleached tresses need much.

As you know a blonde, one of the main problems after application — quick loss of brightness and hated the yellow. It often happens that within two weeks after the magical transformation of a noble, cold tone is replaced by more warm and begins to "jeltii". This is due to the fact that the purple pigment that is responsible for cold tones, very quickly washed out of the hair. Experts from the new York lab Advance Techniques have found a solution to this problem.

Funds from the collection "Dazzling blonde" is created specially in order to neutralize the yellowness. Both products of the collection are the shampoo and conditioner contain a part of the same purple pigment that instantly penetrates into the hair structure by suppressing the yellow tint. Moreover, the visible effect is noticeable after the first application.

Каких блондинок предпочитают джентльмены

Photo: materials of press-services

The core of the collection is definitely the shampoo. Because it not only prevents rapid washout of the colors, but also takes care of damaged by colouring the hair, making it smoother and softer.

The balm also protects the color, disciplinarum hair and facilitates styling. Well, working in tandem, these tools will significantly increase the interval between staining and give your hair well-groomed and healthy.

By the way for those who dye hair is not only blonde, brand Advance Techniques is a unique serum-elixir effect 4D. The serum contains a high concentration of flower oils, vitamins and antioxidants and works in 4 directions: protects color from washing out, imparts Shine, moisturizes and protects from thermal effects.


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