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How to cut hair: revealing the secrets of the masters

Girls often do not follow the rules of the haircuts that will help make the hair healthy and shiny, and will begin to grow faster

Girls are prone to frequent change — you want to try all shades, types of haircuts and length of hair. Moreover, the decision to haircut can come to him in a minute, especially if they have bad mood. However, the hair is by nature very capricious, they are influenced by not only the environment and the power of their owner, but the haircut, including. Tell how to cut hair to make their views do not upset.

Decide with the master

There are girls who prefer to cut hair at home. We don't think it's a good idea, because the wrong tools can damage the quality of hair, and often lack the skills to make their own neat haircut. It is better to consult a proven master who trained the hand on the popular types of haircuts. Ask friends, relatives or colleagues whose haircut you like, to whom they go. Should meet with the master before sitting down in the chair. Make sure that it complies with health standards, monitors the sharpness of the tools and attentive to the customers. Hair have a strong energy, so you should only trust whom to believe.

Как правильно стричь волосы: раскрываем секреты мастеров

An experienced master will cope better than beginner - not economicalto:

Seven times measure — cut once

Before you decide on a radical change of image, consult your hairdresser, will this kind of haircut. When choosing, consider your face shape: if you have soft features, you should make them more expressive by cutting with a clear outline and Vice versa. If you have a strict dress code at work, it is a bold haircut, unfortunately, is not for you. Also, we need to understand what care is required for hair — how much time have to spend in the morning styling, whether you want to straighten or curl your hair, what tools to use. No matter how fancy the haircut, you should not do it if you are not ready to take care of your hair. Quite regularly, cut the ends and once a year to clean up the cut hair on all length, making the polishing of the hair.

Как правильно стричь волосы: раскрываем секреты мастеров

Before experimenting, consider the future, abrazote:

How often to cut hair

If you have a haircut model, to keep in shape you need to constantly visiting the stylist every few months as the hair growth. Cut cross section of the tips suggest every 3-4 months, and not regret the hair is to remove at least 5 cm in length. Dry tips — the ballast for the growth of healthy hair, besides they spoil the hair.

Как правильно стричь волосы: раскрываем секреты мастеров

To maintain the haircut you need to postojannogo:

Signs about the haircut

  • It is believed that cutting hair can be any day except Sunday. It is possible that the roots of this tradition stem from our ancestors — it was the only day off peasants, to do any work in it was forbidden.
  • Hair should be cut depending on the phase of the moon. Those who believe in astrology do suggest for better growth of hair to do a haircut on growing moon, and for thickening and strengthening the roots — in the waning.
  • Hair after haircut is no good. If you cut long hair you need to collect in the tail and carry with you, it is advisable to burn, so that nobody talked.

To believe in omens or not — the choice of everyone.

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