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5 life hacks to hide dirty hair shares the secrets of how to look good if you do not have time to wash the head

Probably, every girl has had an experience where she was going and in a hurry, quickly looking in the mirror and saw that the hair does not look fresh. If you don't have time to wash the head there is no use our tips:

Dry shampoo

Simple and effective cosmetic that will help for 2-3 minutes to get your hair fine, dry hair. Among the ingredients is talc, which absorb exudates from the roots of the hair. Ditto rice, wheat, corn or oat flour — they replace talc dry shampoos expensive brands. Also in the you can meet the nourishing ingredients — oils, vitamins, silicones, panthenol and keratin. They do not allow the tool to "pull" moisture from the hair, peresushit it. Suggest to choose a shampoo depending on hair color — there are special tools for brunettes, which contain the pigment. This remedy after applying will not be noticeable on the hair. Apply shampoo on the roots at a distance of 25-30 cm from the hair, taking a strand of medium thickness. Then lightly necesite the hair roots to give them volume and distribute evenly. Use shampoo as needed, but not more often two times a week — it clogs the pores of the scalp. After application during washing should do the skin peeling to remove any funds.

5 лайфхаков, чтобы скрыть грязные волосы

Dry the hair under a jet of cold, vosuheraho:

Alcohol spray

It is no secret that ethanol attracts the fat molecules and splits them. For this reason, it can often be seen in the composition of tonics for face masks for oily skin and other cleansers. The alcohol solution will also help you to absorb fat from the scalp. Dilute it in a ratio of 1:2 alcohol and water respectively and pour in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the roots of the hair evenly across the head. Then comb and dry her hair with a jet of cold air — dryer will help the alcohol will erode and give volume to the hair roots. Not advised to use this method if you have sensitive scalp — it burns in the sun, itchy from cosmetics or flakes.

5 лайфхаков, чтобы скрыть грязные волосы

Spray pour in pulverizatorul:


To hide the staleness hair accessories — take a silk scarf and tie it over your head like a turban — this master class on tying a handkerchief. It is a fashion accessory, however it requires appropriate clothing. Wear a turban with a floor-length coat, loose trousers-bananas and blouse in pastel colors. Can focus, not accessory, but on the bright parts of the image — the color of outerwear or bags. If the variant with a turban seems too bold, you can tie a scarf as a headband — put him under the hair and tie a small bow on the side. The scarf should be fine, otherwise you will create unnecessary volume will look like Megamind.

5 лайфхаков, чтобы скрыть грязные волосы

The turban with the right combination of clothing looks, stilletto:


Don't listen to the advice of articles that I propose to make a pony tail or bun on dirty hair. Strands closer to the face, get dirty faster. Imagine how scruffy you look, if you pick them up instead of hide. The only styling that will neatly and fashionable look on you — the effect of wet hair. No, it is not necessary to water the hair with water. Enough to buy a vehicle for styling in the form of a liquid fixing gel. Safesite hair back and apply a small amount onto the hair, forming uneven height of the strands — they should be separated from each other. The image will look stylish if instead of the usual sweaters and jeans you wear business suit men's cut with a white shirt and black pumps. Complete the look by accessory in the form of large earrings is the trend of 2019.

5 лайфхаков, чтобы скрыть грязные волосы

Wet styling - trend, Stoneface:


If you see a girl in the cap in the warm season, it is likely that she hides dirty roots. By the way, this is the easiest method of all mentioned. It is sufficient to take the low tail, to pick up the hat harmonious clothing colors, and you can run an errand. Sport suit, basic white or black t-shirt and jeans — something that combines caps. Buy this accessory is in stock — if not useful for travelers, then certainly complement the image.

5 лайфхаков, чтобы скрыть грязные волосы

The hat will fit any diskette:

No wonder they say that the best female hair fresh, shiny hair. Better to spend 20 minutes washing your hair and drying the hair than to Excel with styling or accessories. Buy powerful hair dryer with ionisation function to quickly dry your hair and not to spoil their quality.

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