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To grow hair healthy and long: how to stop hair loss

Beautiful hair is the wealth of any girl. But sometimes they start to "leave" our head. will tell you how to deal with this problem

This, frankly, terribly unpleasant this problem can overtake a man and a woman. And if men hair loss is not critical, but the woman begins to panic, which is quite natural.

As you know, the day we lose about a hundred hairs, which is normal. However, quite often the hair "climb" with terrible force, and there is need to take some action. How to help hair stay on the head and strengthen them, we will describe next.

The causes of hair loss

Hair can leave our heads for many reasons, but they all stem from the condition of the body. If we are talking about women, hair loss can be associated with hormonal imbalance or problems in gynecology. However, you may find a tuft of hair on the pillow and after a protracted cold: infectious diseases contribute to weakening of the body, which leads to disruption of blood flow and, consequently, to poor blood supply to the hair follicles. In any case, if the problem of hair loss was delayed, consult a trichologist.

Remember, when you noticed the problem, you may have dramatically changed the diet or use too aggressive detergents.

What you can do yourself

First, you need to understand that the approach to combat hair loss will not be one-stage. You have to use at least several ways, such as massage and enrichment of the diet with vitamins.

Traditional methods, time-tested

Yes, in the 21st century, but decoctions and tinctures from the herbs are still doing us a favor. In addition, not only herbs, but oils and folk therapy. Useful hair oil: burdock, castor and olive.

Burdock oil is probably the most effective, it can be used both separately and in combination with other methods. It is desirable to combine with the change in diet. To start, determine your hair type, and then begin to act, for example, if you have whipped ends, and the length of suffering, add in the diet of egg white, dairy products.

If your hair is oily, please note on the recipes of masks with mustard: not only will this help to activate dormant follicles, but will also strengthen the hair the whole length. A decoction of chamomile will perfectly soothe the scalp and eliminate dandruff and dermatitis.

Several recipes for oily hair

The mask of wheat

Take 2 tablespoons of sprouted wheat, vegetable oil, but it's also burdock, and red pepper. Blend until smooth, then apply on scalp and leave for 10 minutes.

Oil mask

Take burdock or olive oil (2 tbsp), dry mustard (half a teaspoon), egg yolk. Again, mix and apply on hair. To do this mask is recommended 2 times a week. Besides the therapeutic effect, it will have a moisturizing effect on the hair.

Rinse decoction of herbs

Is harmful water from the tap containing heavy metals, try to rinse hair with herbal infusion, e.g. infusion of burdock, nettle or peppermint. These herbs are considered the best in combating hair problems and scalp.

Hair care

The hair remained with you and become even thicker and stronger, follow our recommendations:

1. While combing be careful not to pull out a hair comb. Buy a soft brush and start to comb hair from the ends, gradually getting closer to the roots.

2. Refrain from tight elastic bands that mercilessly tear out hair. In addition, the constant use of irons and plates will not add to your hair health.

3. Cause of hair loss can become obvious hair extensions. It is known that the capsule extensions to less external increase, as the weakening of living hair.

4. Only brush dry hair: wet they are too weak, and it is unlikely you untangle wet strands without "losses".

5. Try as little as possible to use the dryer.

To summarize, you will be required to reduce the load on the hair, begin to actively care by using gentle means, to revise the diet and if the problem has gone on too long to see a specialist.

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