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How to curl your curls, so they kept a long time

A few tips that will help to night keep the hair intact

We are all individual — every girl your type of hair worse or better keeps hair. The owners of slick, straight hair hard to curl hair, because they are usually in a few hours returned to its original state. Tell you what how to curl your curls, so they are not disbanded.

High quality Styler

The right tool for the job with the hair needs to be safe and effective. Such a device uniformly heats a lock of hair, which means hair will quickly succumb to thermal effect will be more flexible and take the form of the device. It is not surprising that Styler will be expensive. Buy Curling or flat irons with ceramic coating, which can adjust the heating temperature. It is best if the device is the timer that will alert when the curl is ready. On the market there are different tools, with one function, and with a lot — straightening, Curling, corrugation, etc.

Как завить кудри, чтобы они долго держались

do not skimp on styleretro:

Suitable locking means

Even in women who are by nature gifted with a wavy mane that curls the right shape without fixation fixing spray more than a couple of hours to stay will not. Before laying the spoon to the roots a little powder for volume and length apply a heat protection spray. For styling, use a hairspray from a trusted manufacturer — the kind you can buy in the shop of professional cosmetics. If you often curl their hair, buy spray a large amount — it is slightly more expensive, but will last much longer. Hairspray should not glue to dirty hair. Apply it at a distance of 10-15 cm from the lock of little "zilch". If you do not want lasting styles, choose sprays with sea effect.

The technique of Curling the hair

Stand before a mirror in a well lit room. Put the plates to warm up to 130-170 degrees if you have fine and porous hair, or to 170-200 degrees if you have thick, thick hair. Carefully comb the hair pay special attention to the ends. Divide hair into zones — take away the bun on top, leaving only the bottom row of hair. Take a small strand of hair lightly at the roots necesite flat comb with frequent teeth, sprinkle a little powder for volume and spray lacquer. Take the "working" hand Curling perpendicular to the floor, wide side up, and begin to wind the lock of hair from the roots. A lock should spin "on behalf of" — watch this. Hold the curl on the Curling iron 5-10 seconds, then release it. Collect the "ring" of the curls and put it on your shoulder, or clip soft clip — these are sold in specialty stores for hairdressers. Wait until the curl cools, only then remove the clip and once again secure the curl with varnish. Zabivaite hair in layers, each time letting loose of the hair bundle. Last zabivaite the hair near the partings at the face.

Как завить кудри, чтобы они долго держались

observe the technique of tavuqiqohi:

Never dry wet hair and do not lay them more a couple times a week, otherwise you risk to dry up tresses. Do moisturizing and nourishing masks, means of professional lines. Then not only will you have beautiful styling, but the hair will remain healthy.

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