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Unusual accessories: 5 trendy hairstyles for spring

We offer a few options quick weaves

With the onset of spring, many girls want to change — on comes in a wardrobe update or a change of hairstyle and makeup. Will tell you about the accessories trend of the season and how to combine them with haircuts and styling for everyday office bow and an evening out in the light.

Turban + high beam

Carefully comb the hair and heads down to make it easy to collect hair in a tail. Take tight elastic band to a bundle of bloom. Make the tail, twist the hair into a bundle and take the bundle. Secure with a hair elastic and several pins. Pick satin or crisp cotton handkerchief, with the wider part cover the head, wrap the ends around the head and tie a knot on the forehead or tuck the ends of scarf inside. It is better to choose the color of the scarf, contrast color clothing. Combine this hairstyle with large earrings, rings, make-up with emphasis on eyes and plain clothes.

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Publication of Moza bint Nasser (@mozabintnasser)4 Mar 2019 7:39 PST

Bezel + low ponytail

This season at the peak of popularity massive headbands a La the 80-ies. On the catwalks of Paris and Milan designers introduced new collections, with particularly stand out thick wide headbands, a bit like a headdress, headbands with plastic flowers and large beads or headbands-gum. Pick a headband to match the clothes or make it bright accent of the image. Dry the hair with a round brush or straighten their hair must be perfectly straight and smooth. Apply a little gel or foam to the hair, to smooth "down" from growing hair. Gather your hair into a low ponytail with a thin elastic hair color — it should not be seen.

Layered necklace + beach curls

The styling, which is naturally of the sea, you can do at home. Apply to damp hair to structure a salt spray or styling gel. Hands crumple head of hair to form soft waves. Dry your hair with a stream of cold air, can make use of a diffuser is a nozzle for a Hairdryer with exposed prongs that are in contact with the hair to form thick, wavy locks. Combine this hairstyle with a layered necklace — well, if it will consist of 3-4 chains of different lengths with pendants. If you are going on vacation, take along a straw hat with flying beach dress styling will look especially advantageous.

Stealth + loose hair

Try to do this hairstyle, you need more than 5 minutes to complete. Suggest to combine it with black or white suit mens cut length to the ankle and worn with high heels. This hairstyle looks good on long hair and haircut like a Bob or Kare. Apply hair gel or mousse and comb, a flat comb with large teeth to form "grooves" on top. Take the hair behind the ears — so they will look better. Grab the invisible gold color, if you have a warm undertone hair color and silver, if the undertone is cold. Kill the two invisible next to each other perpendicular to the direction of hair growth. Another two stealth waterproof design with the letter H. you Should get something like "TWELFTH" or "HH".

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Publication by Dior Official (@dior)11 February 2019 in 1:36 PST

Large earrings + curls parted on the side

If you are going to an evening party, I suggest to add the look of elegant dresses and high heels with an extraordinary hairstyle. Divide the hair into a side parting at the level of the temple — it needs to be on the side you usually turn when photographed. Leave the bottom layer of hair, the rest are yours. Screw curls large Curling iron, then take away every in the ring and let cool. After, secure the curl with hairspray. Move both sides of the parting. When the hairstyle is completed put on a large long earrings. Now fashion the combination of animal print and metal layering.

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Publication from Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)26 Sep 2018 12:27 PDT

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