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5 best masks to stimulate hair growth

Fed by the roots after the winter to a lush growth of hair

Hats are creating static electricity, dry air in rooms with Central heating, lack of vitamins and all the other disadvantages of winter make our hair thin and weak. Strong healthy hair is the ornament of every woman, which is not the lifeless liquid strands. To obtain a good result you will have to spend a little time and effort, but they are worth it.

How to get to work on dormant hair follicles and make the hair thick? Let's try to do it by using homemade masks. You'll need ingredients that are available in almost any home or nearby store towel to wrap the head and Saran wrap for best effect.

5 лучших масок для активации роста волос

The dry air made them ломкими

Mask No. 1

I think many people know about as red pepper and mustard well affects your hair follicles. The point is that they cause slight irritation, thereby activating the follicle and causing hair growth.

Mix: 2 egg yolks, a Cup of yogurt a little fat and a tablespoon of dry mustard. Apply it on the hair roots. Slightly distributed along the length. But the bulk should be exactly at the roots. Head zamatyvaem in plastic wrap, and then covered with a towel. In an hour first, rinse off all the paste with warm water, then wash your hair with shampoo. Not be amiss to rinse their decoction of sage or oak bark.

5 лучших масок для активации роста волос

The cap непослушными

Mask No. 2

Actively irritating the hair roots and pepper. A pharmacy you can buy alcohol tincture and RUB it into the scalp and for best results, once a week use a mask.

Mix 50 ml of burdock oil with half a teaspoon of ground red pepper. RUB mixture into the roots and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse your hair, take care when washing off the eye.

5 лучших масок для активации роста волос

Colouring - слабыми

Mask No. 3

To fine and thin hair became thicker and thicker, the necessary head massage with warm oils. Take from those that have or will buy, which is more like the following oils: burdock, castor, almond, cedar or olive. Two tablespoons of oil, heat in a water bath, add few drops of lemon juice. RUB the mixture into your scalp for 10-15 minutes twice a week. The result will not keep itself waiting.

5 лучших масок для активации роста волос

Unhealthy lifestyle - тусклыми

Mask No. 4

Yogurt mask nourishes the hair, additionally, the expense of milk protein hair lively appearance, be bright and elastic. Take low-fat yogurt (1 Cup), 1 tsp cocoa, 1 egg. Mix and apply it on the hour on the scalp.

5 лучших масок для активации роста волос

The lack of vitamins - слабыми

Mask No. 5

Mix a Cup of warmed up to 40 degrees milk, 1 teaspoon of dry yeast and a tablespoon of honey. Let mixture rest in a warm, dark place for about an hour to let the yeast start working. Apply the mask first on the hair roots and then distribute on all length. Keep no more than 45 minutes. After washing off the mask, your hair well to rinse decoction of nettle or rosemary, but if their economy was not suitable and the water slightly acidified with vinegar.

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