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Perfection: select a haircut after 40 Beauty and health

In every age the fair sex want to change and look even better than before. However, in adult women has its own peculiarities that you should consider going to the salon. will tell you what to pay attention

Maria Блавацкая28 Feb 2019 12:56399140

Само совершенство: подбираем стрижку после 40 - Красота и здоровье -

adults women own characteristics that must be considered in the selection of strikeface:

For 40 years the woman is fully revealed: she knows exactly what she wants and how to emphasize all your accomplishments. Choosing the right haircut is a necessary loveem to create an elegant and modern way.

What you need to know about your hair before heading to the salon

Before deciding on a new hairstyle, determine what your hair type, because this determines how you will hold one or the other hair that is on your hair.

If you have fine hair that quickly become greasy, prefer short or slightly elongated variants, in this case, the hair will not be hard to stick to the head. So your hair will look lighter and airy.

Owners of dry hair is best to look at simple options of haircuts, in order to avoid too complex shapes, after which you will often have to wash my hair, which had a negative impact on dry hair hostess.

Само совершенство: подбираем стрижку после 40 - Красота и здоровье -

frequent drying of hair, especially dry, very harmful wolosate:

Thin hair, as you know, the necessary volume, and it is most easily achieved on short hair. The volume can be created on hair of medium length, with cuts such as the cascade and ladder.

Happy owners of thick hair will suit almost any hairstyle at any length of hair. Plus thickness that you require less effort on the styling, such as hair and so are good, even without special tools.

Само совершенство: подбираем стрижку после 40 - Красота и здоровье -

girls and women with curly hair do not need to spend a lot of time, cladmate:

Select a haircut

If you've picked up a haircut, just to emphasize the dignity, and now she has to hide age-related changes that are inevitable and completely normal.

If you for some reason do not like their own nose, you can hide it by cutting off the thick bangs. Snub nose looks good with the slicked back hair. But owners of small facial features are perfect curls, and no matter big or small.

Many women are not satisfied with your own ears: the form or position on the head. They can also be visually adjusted with an appropriate haircut.

If you are confused by short stature, try to change straight hair into curls, you will give more volume to the head and balance the silhouette.


This is probably the most popular haircut among women over 40. It is not difficult to maintain in good condition, laying is extremely simple, and the rejuvenating effect it gives is quite good.

Layered haircut

This haircut suited the owner fine hair who want to add volume at least visually. However at home its not so easy to lay.


This haircut is truly legendary. It is versatile, looks good on young girls, adult women, visually "sending" them a few years.

Само совершенство: подбираем стрижку после 40 - Красота и здоровье -

a classic option that will suit almost every - caretto:


Haircut also belongs to the category of versatile, especially good for adult women. But keep in mind to get a good cascade, you need to find an experienced master, as not every hair stylist can handle it.

Careless curls

This hairstyle has become very popular among women after 40 years. To create this hairstyle, the hair length should be medium. If your hair is curly, styling is not needed, it is enough to simulate a few strands with the foam or varnish. If the hair is straight, strands of different sizes need to cheat on the plates and fixed with varnish. This is one of the most simple ways of styling.


In this case, you need to grow hair at least medium length, if they were short. Women with curly hair simple to style strands from a person, but in General, nothing more is needed.

If you have straight hair, you just wind each strand with a Curling iron, then fix with varnish. You can show imagination and perform curls by any other means, for example, to make "wet" stowage, which still has not lost relevance.


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