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What habits do hair - Beauty and health

You probably recognize yourself at least one paragraph

Ksenia Парфенова26 March 2019 16:3023911

Какие привычки делают волосы ломкими - Красота и здоровье -

simple tips will help to strengthen folosite:

For hair care we used to use shampoos with good composition, nourishing masks and hydrating sprays. Regular haircuts have become routine, and love for natural hair color, it seems, has already decided to absorb mother's milk. However, hair breakage is not going anywhere, anyway. Bloggers and then offer recipes of masks and cosmetics that promise a luxurious lion's mane. The trouble is that the problem does not lie on the surface: measures to address fragility should first of all change your habits.

The lack of fat in the body

The problems come from within — it's no secret. True, many girls still limit the amount of fat in the diet because they cause excess weight. Removing healthy fats, you will not only lose their luster and elasticity of hair, but also doomed to serious problems with the elasticity of the skin and irregular menstrual cycle. Healthy fats derived from nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, vegetables like avocados you need to consume in the calculation of 80-100 grams per day in the daily energy intake.

Shampooing before going to sleep

When you go to shower before you go to bed, and wash the head, then you know that while you sleep your hair is constantly injured. While washing away from water and high temperature scales of the hair open, so that it becomes soft and elastic and is similar to the "herringbone". When you sleep, RUB hair, not only among themselves but also for the pillow — it becomes the cause of their separation. Better to wash my hair in the morning and then let them dry naturally or drying with a powerful stream of air at medium or low temperature.

Какие привычки делают волосы ломкими - Красота и здоровье -

dry your hair before you go, spathae:

Wiping with a towel

If you after washing lightly squeeze the hair to drain excess water and then wrap them in a big fluffy towel for 10-15 minutes, then you should know you're doing it right. And those who wring the hair in a plait, intense rubbing with a towel and goes with him on his head more than half an hour, the risk of soon be left with a thin tail. Wet hair can not withstand intense exposure, so you should be very careful in dealing with them.

The use of oils

Oil masks are often used to care, to create on the surface of the hair shiny shell and stimulate hair growth due to included minerals. However such a mask is advised to do not more often 2 times a month: fat molecules attract water molecules, so moisture from the hair evaporates. In combination with masks for food to make a mask to moisturize the hair. Generally, cosmetics, composed of oil, you should be especially careful. For example, they are often added to the Express conditioners that should be applied to wet hair. Imagine what would happen to them, when you're drying your hair: they will literally start to burn under the influence of temperature.

Какие привычки делают волосы ломкими - Красота и здоровье -

combine oil sprays and blow-drying, Elizaveta:

Tight elastic band

Many of us like thin, almost invisible hair bands — they look neat. However, stylists recommend to use more soft rubber bands of satin and silk, which are easily removed and do not injure hair. You can still buy in a store for hairdressers disposable silicone gum: they are tightly fixed hair, not visible and do not need to remove after use. Enough to cut the rubber with scissors to let your hair down.


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