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The hair shades which make us younger - health & Beauty -

It is not necessary to do serious treatments at the beautician in the pursuit of youth, you can get the fashionable colour which will advise you

Maria Блавацкая1 APR 2019 08:48561331

Оттенки волос, которые делают нас моложе - Красота и здоровье -

what shade will wear this godovoe:

To refresh the image and in General to emphasize the fact that you are a woman who follows the trends and keeps up with the times, just change the color of the hair. In addition, the fashion shade will help you visually lose a few years, not resorting to services of the beauticians and plastic surgeons. Next, we consider 5 of the most pressing shades and dyeing techniques for 2019, which will throw off to you for at least 2-3 years.

Оттенки волос, которые делают нас моложе - Красота и здоровье -

honey shade looks incredibly naturalnie:


Remember, how popular was the weave in the beginning? Every other girl begged mom to take her to the salon or, at worst, call theta of the Light from the neighboring apartment, which is "nice colored Natasha on the floor above". Modern highlighting technique was Balaj. Its essence is in a darkened roots, gradual transition of color throughout. Such heterogeneity of young and not stressed faults, in contrast to the "flat" colouring. The beauty of this technique is that it can be used for hair of any length, you will not have to visit a stylist for correction.

The brightest out the tips of the hair. The composition is applied in the form of the letter V, for the beginning stained the side of the individual strands, then the master goes to the tips. He usually uses several shades to create visual volume.

Pink blonde

Ideal for women with light skin, with light beer because dark-skinned girls, this shade is not suitable at all. Despite the apparent simplicity of the shade, it options can range from peach to pink gold. In addition, the "strawberry" hair, smooth out rough features of the face. However, it is important not to overdo it and not to turn into a Barbie, otherwise the hair will look very cheap.

If you have redness on the skin, better give up this shade, as you will only draw more attention to imperfections.

Оттенки волос, которые делают нас моложе - Красота и здоровье -

"strawberry" hair - trend 2019Фото:

Honey blonde

Probably the most popular shade among women over 40. It smoothes age-related changes and helps emphasize the natural beauty, works especially well on the hair, the hue of which is close to the warm blond. Really do not talk about "maltase" effect, but avoid excessive yellowing and reddishness that is quite common in the works not too responsible masters. Girls with cold type of exterior shade is not highly desirable as it creates a certain dissonance.


The second most popular hue. And again — according to your color type and length of hair depends on the end result.

Usually this shade of choose girls with dark hair, when not ready for a radical change of image, so they change slowly, with small highlights. Bright blond is too stand out, but caramel is the move from brown.

Especially the shade looks good on women with dark eyes, makes them brighter.

Оттенки волос, которые делают нас моложе - Красота и здоровье -

caramel is suitable for those who have not decided on a drastic, peremanivat:


Among the blondes warm color type of wheat shade is a hit, especially now, in 2019. Surrounding hardly even notice that your hair is dyed, as the most natural shade, but remember that with that hair color does not fit any of the bright and dark makeup.

From the pros: you can perform any technique of painting on the shade, for example, Balaj, and Ombre. With coloring you can get the effect of "burnout" of hair, which will be very useful during the summer vacation. We recommend you to look attentively at the shade women over 30 who seek to soften the harsh facial features and refresh the image as a whole.


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