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Signs that your hair needs help - health & Beauty -

What most strongly attracted to men in appearance? Correctly, your hair. However, sometimes the body fails. But tell me how to deal with possible problems

Maria Блавацкая8 APR 2019 08:405730

Признаки, что вашим волосам нужна помощь - Красота и здоровье -

why spoil folosite:

City life can sometimes be so exhausting that we just don't have time to pay attention to your body. In this case we are talking about hair that can serve us signs that something is wrong. If the hair begins to deteriorate, it is a signal to pay special attention to them, and if necessary to consult a specialist.

Признаки, что вашим волосам нужна помощь - Красота и здоровье -

staining can lead to chemical olgafoto:

Hair cut

Your hair will not split only in the case when you got a haircut "pixie", as the too short hair it looks great. Split ends can say that their owner is improperly caring for them, namely, do not pay enough attention to their nutrition. Especially strongly suffer from hair after styling with a Curling iron.

Use leave-in products such as hair conditioner, and use thermal protection during styling.

The hair begins to get confused

Sometimes even air conditioning won't help in this case, the problem is quite serious. Perhaps you are working too aggressively on the hair. Either paint, or are constantly subjected to too high temperatures.

As we often combed the hair, use a special tool that will glue the scales of the hair, preventing them from electrization and tangling.

Признаки, что вашим волосам нужна помощь - Красота и здоровье -

the Shine is not talking about zdorovetchi:

Frosted hair

Healthy hair needs to Shine after you dry them. Reverse — matte finish — can speak about the violation of the hair structure, for example, the scales are loosely attached to the base of the hair. The most popular causes of haze hair: hormonal failure, stress, improper nutrition and care. Try to solve this problem as soon as possible, otherwise the hair will start to break and fall out.

Hair quickly become dirty

If shampooing does not help to reduce the oiliness, you need to see a specialist, first and foremost, to a trichologist. Most likely, your hair is not enough vitamins. More serious reasons: hormonal failure, problems with the digestive tract.

Признаки, что вашим волосам нужна помощь - Красота и здоровье -

try not to use playcute:

Too high gloss

Sometimes the gloss says, not only about the health of the hair, namely, when the Shine is accompanied by the dryness of the hair. Most often, the Shine on parts of the hair indicates chemical burn after aggressive staining. Consult with your stylist or colourist if you have dyed the hair yourself.


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